28 November, 2016

A Short List of American Civil War Sites

I was given a short list of recommended American Civil War sites from a Civil War reenactor. With the aggravated division and hate crimes of minorities and women, I was a bit nervous traveling to any historic sites now. He assured me however that although he can't speak for everyone, staff members are welcoming to a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

I'm still not sure if my family will visit them now. Some, but not all American Civil War enthusiast can be a bit racist as I came to discover. Not all because I connected with many who understand studying the American Civil War is not only for White Americans.

Here is the short list the reenactor and staff member gave.

  • Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania National Military Park, Virginia. His notes: (I worked there and know the staff pretty well. They are good folks)
  • Gettysburg National Battlefield, Pennsylvania
  • Chickamauga National Battlefield, Georgia
  • Andersonville Prison, Georgia
  • U.S.S. Monitor Museum, Virginia
  • Museum of Civil War Medicine, Maryland 
I think many of these I saved already, but some I haven't. I have been particularly uncomfortable about Georgia and Virginia although racism is all across the country. Despite of my uncertainty, I would love to visit these sites being an American Civil War researcher.

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