17 November, 2016

The DNA of a Mexican

Most people are unaware the actual DNA or the ancestry of a Mexican. I have heard humans think Mexicans are just Mexicans. This is why I wanted to share my discoveries about their DNA.

They are actually descendants of the Aztecs and Mayans, Indigenous people of Brazil and Mexico. So technically Mexicans are Indigenous people. The most well known Indigenous kind. A bit different and more exotic than the North American Indigenous people. Their DNA does not only contain Indigenous. Many can trace their ancestry back to Spain, which technically makes them White Spanish. You may notice Mexicans who have more of a Caucasian appearance. These most likely descended from Spain. However, through the years, they could have been crossbred with Mexicans of Indigenous ancestry. European traits are often found in their DNA as well. This means they are European mix. Not 100% European though. Some however can be surprised they can have more European percentages than they think. It can be a bit complicated. I have even seen people argue over this (not Mexicans themselves). Some argue they do not have Aztec or Mayan DNA. They fail to realize, no, not all Mexicans have these traits. Some do who are in Mexico and even the United States. I am sure many are unaware of their exact ancestry.

There are different tribes they can actually descend from. My point is that not all Mexicans are the same. Many think their DNA and ancestry is just the same, put them all in one circle. If this is the case, that some Mexicans have Indigenous traits, they deserve to be respected a lot more. When you speak of the historical tribes of Mexico and Brazil, you could be talking about their ancestors.    

I have also heard that many of Hispanic's DNA are of Native American descent. So that is my findings I wanted to share about Hispanics. This is why also I think it's important that Hispanics know about their heritage completely and know who they really are. I also believe in preserving their ancestral background and respecting Hispanics as the descendants of the First Nation.

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