10 December, 2016

What I Learned About Adopting Dogs

Anyway, it took awhile but my family finally purchased a new puppy. He is a Yorkie Maltese mix named Scotty.

I took this on my phone. He is cute, but mischievous. The purpose of this post was to share what I learned about dog adoptions. After searching for a dog, I am iffy about animal shelters. Here's why...

In September was when my family decided to look for a new puppy. Yes, everyone, including experts lecture you on how it's better to adopt from shelters. From my research, I believed this to be right. However, I soon learned animal shelters can put you through unnecessary trouble just to adopt a dog. My family filled out adoption applications, but I don't see why shelters need to know so much personal information about you before they determine if you should adopt a dog. I fully understand that sometimes these animals don't go to right homes. This doesn't mean they should ask the following questions:

  • Detailed information on everyone in the household. 
  • List all previous and current pets
  • Do you live in a house? How long have you lived at your current address? Do you own or rent?
  • If you rent, give out your landlord's full name, age, occupation and contact information.
The list goes on. Most of the questions on the application I feel have no relevance to adopting a dog.

One experience with an animal shelter was the worst. So I will share. First, I don't recommend the shelter homeward Bound. My family filled out an application for a puppy we were interested in adopting. Along with the application, we were asked a thousand questions which was unnecessary. The company said they determine if they want you to have the dog or not. After waiting for an approval, they said the dog had been adopted. We accepted the news. The most pointless thing about this, is that the company kept giving us the run around, saying either the dog had been adopted or they will allow someone else to see the puppy first. We are not dumb. The second reply meant they had no interest in giving us the dog. Each time they rejected our application, they forced us to refill it out. I'm unsure how many times we sent in the same information, which was again irrelevant. It was also a waste of time sense they kept this information on file from the first application. Well, they kept telling us the dogs were either in the process of getting adopted or they feel we shouldn't have the dog. This is when we decided to not adopt any of their dogs.

Second trip, we went to Petco for their adoption day. Every time my family held the dogs and walked around with them, they would shake in fear and wished to return to their temporary owners. I feel many of these dogs are too attached to the previous owner, that when someone comes to adopt them, it's almost impossible to end their attachment to them. My family have adopted many dogs who whined all day and night, and never learning to like their new home.

This is why my family purchased our new puppy from the mall. He never whined, showed he wanted to return to his previous location, and he immediately took to us. 

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