06 April, 2017

New Plans

As you probably notice for those who viewed our house, my family decided to remove it off the market, as I mentioned before. We have many people calling and visiting to see the house, but no one was brave enough to purchase a haunted house. My family felt it was fair to disclose that information to be honest. If I knew that the house was haunted when my family purchased it, I wouldn't have wanted to move into the house. However yes, we received a flow of people wanting a tour of the house. There were many Russians coming from Russia just to see the house. I never met a Russian, so it was an interesting experience meeting one, two to be exact. There was a man and a female realtor who came into the house at night. The introduction was a bit awkward and weird though. Every time my mother would tell them her name, they both greeted us in Arabic. They thought we were Muslim for some reason. They kept repeating the greeting, which became awkward. It was even more awkward that everything we said, they thought we were speaking in Arabic. Weird. It's kind of funny now, which is the reason why I'm sharing it. At the time though it was confusing and awkward because everyone was obviously confused about the whole thing. Other than that, despite of the stereotypes about Russians, these two sure smiled alot. Also they were friendly, interested and the opposite of cold and distant. After that strange greeting, my family had a weird connection to them. They treated us as if we were one of them, seemingly knowing then of our connection to Russians. The two realized my family had Russian accents, we liked the same things that people in Russia likes and oddly had the same color choices and styles. Anyway, that was one story of when I first met Russians. Everyone who made a connection to the house expressed a great fear, and did not return. So I am uncertain if I will reconsider registering the house in the historic records.

Since my family has no plans to move now, I will begin my process of transforming myself into a real life doll. Although not original plan, I am considering turning my bedroom into a dollhouse. I just have to compact my ideas into a smaller space, that's fine. I will update my progress of my transformation. This is something I really want, and believe me, I thought about it before proceeding with my transformation. My mother even warned me that if I transform myself into a doll, I couldn't go back. In reality, I wouldn't want to go back. Although most of the world criticizes, being a living doll is beautiful art to me. I want to be a doll, a real life doll. For years, I have wanted this, and I cannot wait any longer. My living doll career also is a part of my author career/brand as well. During plastic surgery, yes, I will proceed with the removal of a few of my ribs. This is to have a Barbie sized waist. I will get 4 or 5 ribs removed. My goal is not to become only one type of doll, but a versatile living doll. I shall further explain this in another post, with my diet plan I am following.

I was dormant on DeviantArt due to my busy schedule. I didn't have time to check on the artists too much or start another project. However, I will make sure to assure everyone I haven't forgotten about the projects. This is art to upgrade my blog anyway. The projects will be put on hold unfortunately a bit longer. I am in the process of gathering my research for writing projects, which I have returned to. I haven't been able to work on anything for a long time. It was a bit difficult getting anything done in a haunted house, but I'll get it done. 

I look forward to pretty soon showing my complete transformation. I just have to master the dollie makeup, dollie dressup, and dollie lifestyle. I will get back to planning my projects, especially my living doll transformation. Soon, I am going to post about my other plans for that. This is especially now that I am considering becoming an Anime type living doll.   


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