18 May, 2017

Diet Advice

Awhile ago, a Chinese woman gave my family advice about staying thin. She compared the difference between Americans and the Chinese, and how so many Americans are overweight.

She explained that Americans eat mostly 1-3 times a day, but it's a large portion of food. While Americans do this and gain weight, the Chinese eats all day (5 times) but in much smaller portions. It is more like snacking and not having a large meal. Every time you would see the woman, she had some sort of snack. They were not always healthy snacks but she did eat in small portions. It made sense to me, so I started adopting this diet. My family always seemed to snack more than eating a large meal before. Now we make sure to keep this up. With that stated, this is most helpful when you are active as well. Yes, don't just lay in bed all day eating snacks.

I have tried Japanese snacks which seem healthier than American snacks. I try to get accustomed to eating vegetarian sushi in which I like, but I don't see myself eating it all the time.

I also began eating only Halal foods. I noticed that it's almost like eating nothing, meaning there is no real heaviness felt. There seems to be a difference between Halal foods and American food, like McDonald's. My family orders a small meal from the menu. Then we continue with the Chinese diet. 

I just always wanted to try Turkish food, but the first try didn't go well at all. So my family found another Turkish restaurant and became almost addicted to the food. 

Anyway, I find this way of eating better. I have more energy and I find that I don't feel a undesirable heavy feeling. For now on, I will eat in smaller portions, although I never have eaten big meals.

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