04 May, 2017

Living Doll Transformation Progress

The more days pass, the more I wish to have my complete living doll transformation. Since moving back into our house, my dollie clothing, accessories, wigs and makeup returned. I have to now sort the boxes out to find all of my things. The movers did not handle my items with care, which I'm not too happy with. I'm currently trying to repair my damaged wigs.

I began purchasing and collecting dolls, kawaii decor, plush things, and anything I can collect that fits my living doll lifestyle. If people are wondering, yes, I actually live my life like a real life doll. I practice this everyday by decorating all my surroundings like a dollhouse. Every inch of the house must be kawaii. Also, I am required to always wear dollie clothing, accessories and makeup. Most importantly, I'm never caught out of character. This is a 24/7 lifestyle that I love. Of course there are always room to improve. My goal is to finally complete my appearance and to live wholly kawaii. I have to become completely cute. I find it fun and it most fits me to live as a real life doll. I will further share how I actually live as a doll. Many other girls express interest and amazement, and also that they are certain their parents would never allow them to do something like this. This makes me even more grateful my mother is heavily into body modifications, and that she approves of me to live like a real life doll. One has said I remind them of the song Barbie Girl. This seemed interesting to me.

I have purchased a lot of clothing, but I must make more clothing. Currently, I am designing original outfits for my official living doll brand. Most of my designs are Lolita or Victorian. The item I mostly need are more shoes. When looking at kawaii styled shoes, most of them have heels. No, I cannot walk in heels, but I'm willing to practice.

Pretty soon, I hope to find a plastic surgeon who can help with my doll appearance. I believe the most invasive procedure is getting 4 or 5 ribs removed for a doll waist. To most it sounds really painful and extreme, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Of course, I need other procedures done. I'm 100% sure I will be satisfied with the results. I'm not deterred by pain or price. Yes it is all necessary to look completely porcelain. Pretty soon, I hope to purchase an Ellowyne Wilde doll to start my Ellowyne collection, and for plastic surgery reference. I now am settling for a plastic surgeon in the United States only with exceptions. The plastic surgeon must be willing to give me what I want, and what I'm paying for. Recently, I have been reading other living doll's stories about how much they paid to look like a doll. The answer is yes, I'm also willing to pay thousands to look like a real life doll; well any amount to get the results I want.

I may give a plastic surgeon an anime character or doll as reference or a neutral reference. That's because I just remembered I really would love to become an anime typed living doll. It is an original brand and character, but it's anime themed.

Like I said I would mention, since I like different cultures, I plan to use different cultures for my clothing and decorating. So far, I have incorporated the Native American culture into my decorating. Soon I hope to add the Moroccan, Turkish and Russian themes. I just love vivid colours, attention to detail and originality that some of these cultures have. My favourite though is the Japanese and Korean culture and decor for obvious reasons. The more quirky, whimsical, kawaii, vivid and unique the better.

Soon I will further explain my daily routines and my daily preparations to having a life as a living doll. I just find this world fun, whimsical, stress relieving and something not everyone understands. However, it is my form of expressing true beauty and art. It becomes more so like art when culture is included into the lifestyle. 

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