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  • Learning more about game creation and writing a game has made me fully think of the hard work that is put into making games. Playing games is one thing, but it's entirely different when you are actually making them. I recently learned more about the arts of game writing. What I read puts things in perspective, especially how game writers or Narrative Designers work with a team of people. They must learn teamwork and collaboration with the people who will help bring the game to life.  Speaking of that, isn't it amazing how your written ideas can be visually brought to life?

    I learned the role of a game writer. They pretty much come up with the dialogue, story line, character arcs and other things. However, being a book writer already, writing these things won't be a problem for me. Other people may not have the patience to actually write for a lengthy time. I also read about how many items can be left out or required of being changed, and how things must fit the budget and time. Learning behind making games can help you better appreciate them, and think about how much time they put into actually creating the games. Drawing on a computer is hard enough, and believe me, I tried too many times. Several tutorials later and I still draw like a 2 year old. I am better able to draw on paper than on a computer. Anyway, programming and other work into making the games also requires much hard work. It also requires huge dedication.

    I have finally decided to write JRPG or Japanese role playing games. I find the anime styled Japanese games more visually appealing to make. It also fits the style where I was already going with my games. How I make the games is that I sort of create upon what I find missing in other games, or what I wish other games had. I appreciate more open world games, more character selections or being able to choose the character you wish to play, having a lot more to do, more full coop optioned games and a bit more lengthy games. I dislike short games, as much as I dislike the idea of short Manga/Anime series. Writing manga will be discussed further in another post. When playing a game or just simply watching someone else play, now my mother and I are thinking of ways the developers could have improved the gameplay. Also, we discuss what we want for our games. 

    Another announcement. After a discussion, I plan to develop my console idea instead of ditching it. I guess that's all I had to share for now. 

    Being a Game Writer

  • This is my new One Piece, Tony Tony Chopper sewing machine. I ordered it a while back from Japan, but this is the first time I opened the box. I will soon start using my new sewing machine to make dollie and historic clothes I will wear for my living doll career.

    This is the instruction manual that came with the sewing machine. As you can see, everything is in Japanese! I thought that was so cool. It is also a good way for me to practice reading Japanese as I do all the time.

    For years, I drew original clothing. My family insisted that I do something with my fashion designs, and so I plan to use them to make my living doll outfits that are original. I also plan to make Harajuku, Victorian dresses, lolita outfits, other dollie outfits, Audrey Hepburn clothes and also a few Salwar Kameez outfits I have designed. To me the Indian clothes are so beautiful. I get to see these outfits everyday because my mother wears Sarees, Kurtis and Salwar Kameez which is my favorite.

    I like the Harajuku that is inspired by the 80s and 90s fashion. These are the kinds I plan to make first. For lolita, there must be lots of bows, ruffles and lace. Also layers.

    I have also always loved Victorian dresses. My favorites are the Civil War era dresses. I like authentic 1800s dresses, in which those are the ones I replicate. My other favorite is the authentic retro fashion. I really look forward to making these outfits, especially replicating Audrey Hepburn's clothes and accessories. I find her style to be my favorite.

    When I begin my projects, I will make sure to take pictures of my progress. I first must choose which outfit I want to make first.

    My Tony Tony Chopper Sewing Machine

  • Finally, I reread the draft to my first soon to be finished book. I found out, most of the revising was done, so I did a lot of copying and pasting to the final draft. Now, I am at the process of filling in sub scences because I am one to outline my projects.

    For learning French for my series, I brushed up on my notes and the things I already learned. I understand now the importance of practicing speaking, reading and writing in this language was. Everything is coming back to me, but I am still going over my notes on the French language. I can read many French words and sentences, and I also understand audible things.

    Pretty soon I will be finished and ready to get started on publishing in Japan. I find this better since in Japan, they have publishing companies that can publish different types of writing projects. For instance, the one to publish books can be the same one who can publish a manga or deal with scripts. This is not quite so in the United States.

    I am just looking forward to getting everything finished.

    Writing Updates

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