05 August, 2017

Customer Service Lacking

I decided to post about customer service because I am into business, and importantly, it has became poor. I have to admit, the customer service in America has gone down to a mediocre level. I mean in everything, to restaurants, Directv, stores and everywhere else. That is the main reason my family stopped ordering fast foods, including cutting off many Halal restaurants. I don't want to exempt these sorts of restaurants because they too can have poor customer service. I feel it's not worth the money if your order is always wrong, you get too much lip and attitude and not being treated like a valued customer. It is most convenient during break, but I whether drive all the way back home for lunch than to order anything else. That and the common fast food eateries (like Burger King, Sonic, etc.) I discovered what they actually put in their food. They are the reason I became a vegetarian. Here is a hint, I didn't want to keep eating rats and horses.

I also find poor customer service in nail salons, shipping and packing services (UPS, FedEx), Directv (The worst), Century Link, and shopping stores. Of course there are many others, but I needed to list the ones that desperately needs to improve their customer service systems.

I feel many workers fail to realize they are providing a business and a service to others. If you cannot understand this, working with people is the wrong job for you. Even myself, who is an introverted individual knows how to treat people during work.

The most common excuse I hear is that the person either wasn't trained in customer service, or they had a bad day. To me these are poor excuses. First off, you don't have to be trained in customer service to know you should treat and talk to people the way you would like to be treated or spoken to. Second, the problems you may have in your life has nothing to do with the job nor the customer. For years, I learned to separate personal and business. Never would I take my frustrations or anything else out on an innocent customer. I mean, what do they have to do with the issues you have at home? Nothing. It makes no sense to me, and that is never a good excuse to provide poor customer service.

Poor customer service is bad for business. It turns customers away from using your services, and perhaps they will spread the word about your poor customer service. I came to discover that customer service is key, but it's the number one thing that lacks in the world. You may have a good service/company, but if the customer service is poor, you are eventually bound to fail. Maintaining excellent customer service is a right way of making sure customers get what they pay for, and it's also about treating humans with respect.

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