19 August, 2017

Smile Dog Artwork for Demonology

This is artwork of Smile Dog, from the Creepypasta. Since there were several curious about my entry on Deviant Art, I decided to post this. I will not share the fictional story of Smile Dog, but only share my findings. If you would like to read the fictional story to see who is the fictional Smile Dog, here is a link: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Smile_Dog

My encounter of Smile Dog was worth sharing. Yes, I am willing to share my encounter and my discovery of this beast. The name Smile Dog is actually fictional, but I am trying to find its real name. I don't believe in talking to demons, so I won't do something like using Wicca and conjuring it. That would be pretty dumb.

Anyway, this post was to promote the study of demonology, as I have been doing for a few years. Also, it was to confirm my old post about Smile Dog. Yes, there are other Smile Dogs, and no, it is not really a dog. Despite of the criticism, I stand behind my findings. Many don't realize I have studied demons long enough, and I lived in a haunted house to know what I am talking about. No, the Creepypasta story is not true, nor is the name Smile Dog. I am saying this was based upon a real demon. However, this demon does have a Husky dog form. The Google images would be similar to how he really looks, but this is not his true form.

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