02 September, 2017

Instacart Review

Yesterday, my family discovered a site called Instacart. It is where you have shoppers to go to your local stores and shop for you. First, you find the items you need on the site, you pay for the items after putting them in a cart and then some person is assigned to go and basically go get the items and deliver them to the house.

I thought it was bizarre at first, and my family felt weird about using that service. Yesterday, we gave it a try however and saw it was a useful service to have. If certain items you pick out are not in the store, they offer something similar to replace it with. You can accept it, or either you can see other options. The entire time, there is an option of chatting with your shopper. You can always add other items if needed. My family was reasonable though, and tried not to be difficult.
It is important to have your phone available for when you are contacted. They may ask you questions at any time. Also, they inform you when they are done shopping. Different shoppers goes to different stores. Like my family has Target, Cub Food's, Whole Foods and Petco. Yeah, they can even shop for pet supplies. I found the shoppers professional, neat and fast. They deliver your groceries the same day. Also, the items are carefully bagged.

My family will be using this service a lot more then.

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