20 September, 2017

New Accessories for Decora Fashion from Japan

My new anti-dusk masks arrived from Japan. It is common to use these masks for fashion, which is what I plan to use my new masks for. This fashion is considered bizarre in the US, but it's unique and fun fashion to wear everyday. Often too, cute decorated gas masks are worn as fashion as well. This one above is from Love Live!

This mask is a One Piece anime one, which is my favourite anime series. This is the only anime series I watch. Well, Dragon Ball Z is my second favourite.

Asuna from Sword Art Online. I don't watch the anime, but I think Asuna is a cute character.

The last mask is a bear mouth. It's cute, and that's why I had to purchase this.

I have a ton of Lolita outfits, but I am unsure which of them would match these masks. I'm currently going through my outfits. Anyway, it's fun to wear these masks for fashion. However, some might associate it with some illness or disease, but I will still wear this due to my love of Decora or Harajuku fashion. More should wear these to normalize this fashion accessory. 

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