18 September, 2017

Science Trying to Prove Ghosts Don't Exist

I have been going through physics courses when running across an article that claims professors have proved ghosts don't exist. Particularly this professor named Brian Cox because he believes our particles cannot exist in the spirit world. Also, the ghosts world would be overcrowded. Also too that mold can cause paranormal delusions. Scientists aren't alone in believing ghosts are fake. Most Pastors and Christians also don't believe ghosts exist. Yet, they believe in the holy ghost.

Having experience growing up in a haunted house, this I know is simply inaccurate. There are many paranormal investigators who captured physical evidence of ghosts. Let's just face it, science doesn't pair well with spiritual matters. It's a heated argument about this. Due to their so called evidence, humans are programmed to believe ghosts don't exist. That is not true at all.

I think people who disclaim ghosts are those who never experienced anything. So for those who haven't shouldn't really give comments. It is unfair to people like my family who has been living with ghosts for years.

I am unsure why people wish to disclaim the paranormal. Some say it's because it is beyond the laws of science and human understanding. I think they hate to admit there is something beyond death, and that unseen beings can be real.

Yes, the paranormal and life after death is one of the most misunderstood and puzzling subjects in the world. That is why we call it the unexplained. I have also spent years since 2004, studying the paranormal and life after death. It is most puzzling, but no one should debunk it as a hoax or mold only because you haven't seen a ghost. There are a few things that exist many hasn't experienced.

I am prepared for the criticism that is to come once I release the full story of my family's experience of living in a haunted house. We already get plenty of criticism.  I understand kind of to claim something you haven't personally seen as fake, because we live in a fake world surrounded by fraudulent people. However, I know what my family experienced. It was not some delusion. I need not the public or a scientist to determine what my family endured for years.

Another note, I wanted to add that the spirit world is overcrowded. You have no idea that many spirits walk among us everyday, everywhere we go. Their skepticism makes me continue my research proving ghosts are indeed real. It also strengthens my belief in my paranormal studies.

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