19 October, 2017

Recent Projects

For the past 2 weeks, I have been working on new projects. Although I have written down ideas for writing projects, the ones I will be discussing is not writing related, although it probably could be.

Recently, I have been wanting to start a few projects to bring awareness to a few things I find important.

First, I would like to bring awareness to adoptions and mixed race people. I feel there isn't much dedicated to mixed race people, or to people who were adopted from foreign countries. There is much about people adopting children from foreign countries, but not much to dedicate stories to the people who were actually adopted. Most assume mixed race means being White + Black, but that is not always the case. I plan to work on a new blog for this, even though I'm not done upgrading this one. I hope to keep that blog updated daily.

Next important awareness, is for Native American culture, languages and people. I would like to bring more awareness to all Natives around the world. I feel if one group is oppressed in a country, then we are all not free. Native culture is the most overlooked and underrated, and overshadowed, but I hope to change that. Yes, I have decided to become also an activist for Native Americans. It has been an honor getting to know Native culture from my mother's adoptive family.

The other is to bring awareness to body modifications. I think society criticizes these people too much. Being an upcoming living doll, I also could help by sharing my transformation journey and my lifestyle as a real life doll.

Last awareness is for service dogs. They are the most overlooked, and not given the respect they deserve. Service dogs don't choose to serve people, but they are chosen by people and trained to do so.

The other project is an upcoming business my family are starting together. We have so many ideas for products that is currently being worked on. Already we have spoken to Walmart and other retail stores, and they are interested in selling our products in stores soon. It will also be an online store. I am currently developing the logo and writing down ideas. We are doing the process of patenting products and everything. The store will sell a variety of items, including cosplay stuff, edible stuff, pet supplies, and other stuff.

I am developing a new kawaii character that is much like Rilakkuma or something.

I know it is a lot to do, but I feel it's a good way of bringing something of value to the world. Also, I like keeping myself busy.

12 October, 2017

From a Paranormal Log to a Book

Back in 2003, my family moved into a haunted house in Minnesota. The very same day, my family experienced activity. The activity was unusual and quite disturbing. So, I started writing down everything my family experienced in 2005. So, I had to write down everything that happened back in 2003 and 2004. Later on, I decided to write about my family's experience.

I know most people don't believe ghosts exist. That is why families like mine feel if though we often can't mention our experiences. Most victims of paranormal hauntings feel if though people who never experienced paranormal activity, criticise us. Doctors and Therapists question our sanity and they just want to give us medicine and throw us in the nut house. So that's why it can be nice when my family watched shows like A Haunting, When Ghosts Attack, Ghostly Encounters and almost any other shows that share other's paranormal experiences. Recently, someone recommended a few movies to my family. They recommended The Conjuring and A Haunting in Connecticut. I agreed my family related to the movies.

Anyway, while I am finishing the first book to my six book series, I am converting the paranormal log into a book. I experienced many things I will never forget, and that deserves to be documented and shared. I hope sharing my family's story will help others combat skepticism. It perhaps can let other victims know it is real what they are experiencing. 

02 October, 2017

Being an International Fan (Music)

I am a huge fan of music, especially when I write, design clothes and when I'm doing other work. This post however was to discuss being an international fan. You know, being a fan of music not in your native country or language. I wonder how many actually listen to foreign music like I do? I actually began only listening to foreign music when I write. I no longer listen to rock.

My favourite music is Jpop, which is the first foreign music I listened to. Also, I'm a fan of Kpop, Turkish pop, Arabic pop, Chinese pop, Persian music, Russian pop, German pop, French pop, Bollywood music, Latino pop, Croatian pop and a few others I can't remember at the moment. My playlists are international as you can see. My favourites are Jpop and Kpop though.

Many believe it's strange, but I think music can bring others together. It can let you better appreciate different cultures. These cultures have some beautiful music, especially the instrumentals. It makes you appreciate languages, and it allows you to hear how beautiful these languages are. Because they are different than how our own music sounds, that's what makes this music amazing.

I will soon share my favourite bands and artists.

01 October, 2017

Writing Progress: Almost at the Finishing Line

I am at the near final moments of finishing my book. It seems so simple and close, but yet it's not. I am still filling in sub scenes and proofreading the finished parts.

I have worked on this book since 2004 or earlier. Yes, I started it back in my very first and earlier stages of writing. I find myself going over older work and making them better instead of ditching my ideas all together.

I know writing is not easy, believe me, I know. I spent a lot of crying, frustration, sacrifice and even days sick through my writing. However, this is just the beginning. This is only one book of my six book series I am near finishing.

I came to discover it can be difficult for writers not getting distracted by the internet. With me, Spotify can also distract me. Also, staring into space can soak up precious time I can be actually writing. Like again, I am posting this when I could be writing.

I am a perfectionist and that has set my book back so many times. I also obsess about being accurate in my writing. I also have so many other ideas for other projects. I have a habit of working on different projects at a time, when I should be focusing on the project I want published first. So far, I came up with nearly 40 entirely different projects. I learned that isn't nesseccarily a bad thing. It's nice to know I will have something much more to offer the publishing and entertainment industry. However, it can be a struggle to work solely on one project, finishing it and not getting a little bored of it. I learned writing a book is about finishing what you started without quitting.

Being a writer is also about ignoring those stuck up experts who tries to discourage you from finishing your work and from publishing. Not to mention those published authors who looks down upon new and young writers. I'm not saying all are that way, but I ran into many of these sorts of writers. Their disdain only makes me work even harder.

Lastly, I came to discover the difficult business of writing. It isn't as easy or simple as non-writers assume. The process of writing alone is tough, but when you put in the process of literary agents, editors, publishers, marketing etc, it's serious work. That's why I like to address it as business.
So, I will be glad when I at least finish the final draft. Anyway, I will try to post things more relevant to writing. However, I will continue to post about my living doll transformation journey. 

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