02 October, 2017

Being an International Fan (Music)

I am a huge fan of music, especially when I write, design clothes and when I'm doing other work. This post however was to discuss being an international fan. You know, being a fan of music not in your native country or language. I wonder how many actually listen to foreign music like I do? I actually began only listening to foreign music when I write. I no longer listen to rock.

My favourite music is Jpop, which is the first foreign music I listened to. Also, I'm a fan of Kpop, Turkish pop, Arabic pop, Chinese pop, Persian music, Russian pop, German pop, French pop, Bollywood music, Latino pop, Croatian pop and a few others I can't remember at the moment. My playlists are international as you can see. My favourites are Jpop and Kpop though.

Many believe it's strange, but I think music can bring others together. It can let you better appreciate different cultures. These cultures have some beautiful music, especially the instrumentals. It makes you appreciate languages, and it allows you to hear how beautiful these languages are. Because they are different than how our own music sounds, that's what makes this music amazing.

I will soon share my favourite bands and artists.

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