12 October, 2017

From a Paranormal Log to a Book

Back in 2003, my family moved into a haunted house in Minnesota. The very same day, my family experienced activity. The activity was unusual and quite disturbing. So, I started writing down everything my family experienced in 2005. So, I had to write down everything that happened back in 2003 and 2004. Later on, I decided to write about my family's experience.

I know most people don't believe ghosts exist. That is why families like mine feel if though we often can't mention our experiences. Most victims of paranormal hauntings feel if though people who never experienced paranormal activity, criticise us. Doctors and Therapists question our sanity and they just want to give us medicine and throw us in the nut house. So that's why it can be nice when my family watched shows like A Haunting, When Ghosts Attack, Ghostly Encounters and almost any other shows that share other's paranormal experiences. Recently, someone recommended a few movies to my family. They recommended The Conjuring and A Haunting in Connecticut. I agreed my family related to the movies.

Anyway, while I am finishing the first book to my six book series, I am converting the paranormal log into a book. I experienced many things I will never forget, and that deserves to be documented and shared. I hope sharing my family's story will help others combat skepticism. It perhaps can let other victims know it is real what they are experiencing. 

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