27 December, 2017

Yes, I'm a Gamer!

You know, I am a huge fan of video games. My family owns Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo and others. I am open to almost any game. I just hate short games, I feel cheated when finding out it was a short game I was playing. Recently, I find myself playing less due to my studying and work. I still try to find the time to play. My favourite games:

  1. Mortal Kombat 
  2. Halo series
  3. Diablo 3
  4. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
  5. Champions of Norrath
  6. Lego series
  7. Dead Rising series
  8. Mario series
  9. Sonic series
  10. Resident Evil series
  11. Tekken series
  12. The Legend of Spyro 
  13. Don't Starve Together & Don't Starve
  14. Castle Crashers 
  15. Aqua Kitty UDX?
  16. Portal 2
  17. Pang Adventures
  18. Call of Duty series
  19. Gears of War series
  20. Cuphead
I love many more games. Those are just the ones I can remember. Mostly I like dark, horror, fighting, action/adventure and strategy type games. I like new and old games. PC games I am not a fan, but I sometimes play games on my phone. Not recently though. When I do play them, I prefer anything with cute animals.

My video game personality: I tend to be a serious gamer, who plays for 16 hours a day. I'm kind of random, I'm either too serious or giggly throughout the entire gameplay. I get easily frustrated with things however. When I play with others (which is mostly all of the time), I tend to collect the coins and stuff, forcing the other player to do all of the work. That or vice versa usually. It's usually the other way around, but I don't mind doing all of the work. Recently though, I've been having equal gameplay where both players are doing equal amount of work, which makes better progress.

17 December, 2017

Living Doll Transformation Updates

Lately, I have been practicing the dolly makeup as suggested. I am not quite there with the whole kawaii makeup, but I will start practicing again.

Also, I've been mostly doing minor cosmetic stuff such as removing scars. 

Since I will be a new human doll, I will be sharing my transformation updates more. So, my family and I officially began our search for a plastic surgeon. Not just any plastic surgeon. I'm looking for someone who is experienced, and who would accept that I wish to look like a real life doll. I feel if you are willing to pay, plastic surgeons should give customers what they ask for.

This is something I've been wanting for years now. I am 100% I will love looking like an Ellowyne Wilde doll for many years. I have been living my life in a very kawaii style, all I need is the complete dolly look.

I'm extremely grateful for my family who has supported my decision and lifestyle as a new living doll.

So I will give more updates until my living doll transformation is complete.

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