21 January, 2018

Writing Updates: Finished The Final Draft

Yes, that is correct. I finally finished the final draft of my Fantasy book. I know my work is far from over, but this time it's different than before. Like what I said before, I have been working on this book since 2004. A pretty long time. I took writing courses and conducted research on professional writing. Over the years, I made my storytelling better. I wasn't going to publish until my book was publish worthy, and I became more mature and ready to deal with the business of writing. I played with ideas and found something I love. This is it. There will be no more experiments with this project.

I was writing in any given opportunity. They were at random times, and many times, I chose my work over sleep. As usual, I cannot work without my playlists on Spotify. I switched to whatever I was in the mood in. Mostly it was Kpop, Jpop, Arabic pop, Turkish pop, Classical and Orchestra. Recently, I discovered Serbian and Romanian pop. I found myself listening to it most of the time now. I have to share how I believe it's very beautiful music, and I realized both are beautiful languages. A lot of this music helped me zip through the final draft.

Right now, I am rereading the final draft, proofreading, editing, formatting and getting the other books to the series together. I am trying to limit the amount of projects I work on at a time. It's been hard due to endless ideas I have. It never turns off. Although introverted and quiet, I have much to say on a screen.

Anyway, I am just relieved to finally be done with that part at least. I believe since I am certain where I wish to go with this series, the other books will be finished a lot quicker. For publishing, I don't really have any specific publishers in mind. I will just let fate decide. For sure though, I'm going the traditional route. I am not too picky on which agent or publisher I wish to work with. I'm not even picky on which country I publish in.

So, this is a Fantasy, Adventure, Thriller and Action book series. It's multicultural, because I like including everyone. Also, I prefer multiculturalism. It brings a lot of cultures together in a respectful way. There are a lot of dark things as well, but that's with most of my writing. I guess I let all the dark thoughts out through my writing. Some can be shocked because I am seen as cute, sweet and quiet. However, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction and Action are my favourites to write. I have put a lot into this book, and I'm hoping my hard work can pay off.

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