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  • I think we're going to have snow for Easter. Just when I thought we'd finally have a warm Spring Easter. I should've known. I never had an Easter where it wasn't cold and lots of snow.

    The snow was melting, and my family was about to buy mulch and work in the yard. Then it snows again. We spent all morning shoveling the snow. There's already lots of snow, and yet it's still snowing. I actually enjoy being in the snow, but I dislike getting colds afterwards.

    That reminded me of a writing project I themed on Easter. Recently, I was working on that book. I guess because I feel it's in the right season to. Although, I wish I could get more of an inspiration outside. I mean, Spring, what Easter represents. This book is also a series, the second separate series I will publish after my six book Fantasy series. This one is more whimsical though, but also Fantasy. So I redid the outline, and now I am going through my older documents to see which parts I want to keep or delete. That or change. I ran across older versions of the manuscript where many things I found original. So I did not want to ditch all of it, but only keep those bits of the Fantasy world I built.

    I have also been writing on my third draft of the second book to the Fantasy series. I just would like to get the books together before I am published. I am also still rereading the first book. The second book I wrote 57, 408 words so far. I think that is pretty good for a few months, I think it is. I still have lots of work to do. My first book has 138, 075 words. I've deleted a lot of scenes I felt was unnecessary which brought it down significantly. I've had trouble rereading it due to my laptop and the weather. I'm still working through the difficulties and will get it done.

    I have also been developing characters for a couple of new Horror YA books. I picked names for characters and I fleshed out the characters and the world. Also, I wrote down all ideas in outlines. I hope soon to start the official outline. First, I will write in the highlights of the books, the ideas which gave me the idea to write these books. Then I will build the books from there. After picking French names again, I noticed I use the French culture and people quite a lot. Like this first series, and the book I want published first, I have a few French main characters. Maybe it's because I am so close to Canada?

    So I have lots of other projects, but I am narrowing down how many I actually work on at a time.   

    And The Snow Returns (And Writing Updates)

  • I joined Pinterest back in 2013? I'm not sure, but it was when Pinterest was kind of new. Well, yeah, I joined after an article recommended Pinterest to writers. The article claimed writers are able to use Pinterest for reference, any reference they may need.

    I found Pinterest useful for writers who write about specific locations. I have my books based in so many different countries, and I use so many different ethnic races and cultures in my projects. So I did find it inspirational and educational to have a visual on the country or State I am writing about. I created boards for each country I selected. So if you go to my profile and search, you'll get an idea of the countries I use.

    I think the most recent board is the Netherlands or Sweden (other countries are Croatia, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, China). The most useful would be the boards I created for the U.K. and the United States. I use a wide variety of different States, but recently, I discussed it with my mother about using more of the U.K. Yeah, recently, I have considered switching my settings and characters from American to British, Scottish, or Welsh. I do prefer the U.K. entertainment over American. That is why my family have watched and viewed so much of mainly British entertainment. I even go online to watch films and shows. I feel the British entertainment is more family oriented (just compare an American film to a British film). And yeah, those accents. I wish so bad I could meet someone from the U.K. Unfortunately, there are no people from the U.K. around where I live and work. Come to think of it, there are no humans from different countries in the town I live in. Well, it is a small town.

    Anyway, Pinterest has helped out with getting more of a visual idea of the U.K. and the other countries.

    I have also found Pinterest useful for writers who write about Historical events and dates. I have lots of boards on military history, the wars I plan on writing about. For example, if someone based their story upon the American Civil War, you can get a visual idea of that time. I mean, the 1860's and the war itself. Also, that is a good way to save information on Historical events and stuff like that. Also, it helps me to get a more real visual glimpse of the American Old West. No myths and Hollywood stuff, but the real history.

    It is even great for any sort of other inspiration, such as Architecture Reference, character ideas and among other inspirations. I have also used Pinterest for reference for my fashion designs. To see how other fashion designers sketched their clothing. That's how I utilize Pinterest like other writers.

    I have also been trying lots of recipes from Pinterest. I love the new tried feature.

    The only thing I dislike about Pinterest is that now, users are able to send you messages. I liked the fact that no one was able to contact me at first, but now they can chat with you.

    Well, that's about all I wanted to share about how I utilize Pinterest as a writer.   

    Using Pinterest for Writers

  • I began writing at the age of 8. At first, I use to write everything in notebooks. Then I upgraded to the computer. I wrote books, poems, game ideas and game console concepts.

    My mother critiqued it and told me it wasn't good and to redo the entire book. No matter of my reaction, my mother truthfully told me if it was good or not. So I did rewrite it. I knew my book needed lots of work, and so I started reading other books, taking courses and conducting lots of research on how to write a book correctly.

    My Fantasy book has been through over 20 rewrites and over 30 revisions. Being a perfectionist, I reconstructed the book until it was the book I wanted to publish. So many times, published authors have badly commented about me not having anything published, when I have been writing for, well, now it would be for 14 years. They would ask me, "If you've been writing that long why don't you have anything published?" They would always act like I never belonged in their writing groups, and I never was worthy of connecting with them. My age was another major reason they disdained me. They would ask to view my book, but I declined their help. I didn't need some person who every second tore me down, criticizing me anymore. I have heard many experts advise writers, especially aspiring writers to take constructive criticism, and yes, I do. However, this was not constructive criticism, but plain bullying criticism. Many published authors I had to block due to them constantly harassing me, which I felt was inappropriate to harass a child like that. 

    To be honest, it did and it still does bother me that I have nothing published yet. That was to the point I became depressed because I have nothing to show for being a writer for 14 years. Plus, I don't have anything to show I wrote over 40 books.

    I wrote a lot of experimental plots, POVs and characters, settings and everything for the book I shall publish first. I realized about three books were in one book. So I separated the stories and wrote two more ones that was originally in this book. During the time, I came up with so many different ideas, which accumulated into over 40 writing projects. I believe quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, this was never a part of some contest as to how many books or writing projects I could write or create. Whenever I had an idea, I wrote it down. That's all.

    I have ran across several articles that strongly advise against publishing the book you wrote as a child or your very first creation. However, I never gave up on this book which turned into a six book series. I developed it so much, it is no longer a childhood project. This book has changed significantly from its original version.

    I also had an issue on writing in third person, and not jumping around to different characters. I felt it was not ready for publication yet. I learned how to properly write under one POV at a time (my favourite was Writer's Digest), and now I improved my skills. I have lots of stories written in first person as well, but this particular series is written in third person. However, after the first few chapters, the POV will change.

    As stated above, I have rewrote and revised this book about 20 /30 times throughout the years. I read so many articles on once your book is published, there is a no going back situation. So I had to play around with ideas until I was happy with the way the book was going. My habit of reconstructing the book didn't end until 2015. My mother pointed out I would never get published if I keep rewriting it and changing things. That was due to the changes I wished to make would require an entire rewrite of the book. I've unfortunately have been doing that for 14 years.

    I read so many articles and how-to books that advise to submit your best manuscript. So I think only now this is my best manuscript. Although I already found a publisher to submit to (located in Estonia), I will first query a literary agent. If that publisher doesn't work out, I will look elsewhere. I am willing to relocate to where my agent and/or publisher is based in.   

    My Writing Journey

  • Recently I was going over the profile for the character I had for the Tikaani Moon brand. This is the character I will sort of portray as in real life, as soon as I am done with my transformation and I start taking photos. It is sort of like role-playing where I will dress as this character too.

    I disliked letting people know anything about me, but ever since that Facebook issue, many were confused. So those older non-writing or project relating posts were to fill in what was missing, and to end the confusion about the conflicting stuff about Tikaani Moon. When my identity was revealed, it made my whole brand and theme sort of disorganized and confusing. So yes, people already know what is needed to be known about me. You know I am female, I am mixed race, my family were adopted by some people, my family was (and still is) being harassed by extremist in our town, where I stood on politics, I have been a nurse for 5 years, and other things that I may have shared.

    I shared our story about racism so much unintentionally. I shared it out of anger. I hated how the media always tell us racism doesn't exist anymore and the racism here in the United States isn't that bad. My family also insisted that I share our story of constant daily harassment to show yes, it is that bad and yes, racism still exist today. It is also a part of my writing project I am working on. A lot of writers have jumped on board with writing about Donald Trump and the problems here in the U.S. As a writer for historical events, I am also writing my own story about this. It gives my family's personal experience during these times. I feel it is historical and unprecedented. That is why I had to write a book about this. So I had to let humans know I will be discussing this as well.

    The Tikaani Moon character is no different than myself. So it isn't like I would make up stuff about myself just to let people know. The Tikaani Moon character is actually sharing my own interests, dislikes, hobbies and other things. I will just dress as I suppose a real life, or human version of Tikaani. I really wanted to become an original character besides an existing character (or Human Barbie). I however, will be versatile and switch up. Maybe I will start a separate blog for my other living doll dress up stuff or maybe not. No, I think I will leave it the way that it is, because this is a part of my author brand.

    I will call it just dressing up as other dolls or characters, but my main portrayal will be Tikaani. The human version of Tikaani Moon takes more of the traditional and Japanese theme, but I would like to keep the Native American theme. Some glimpse of what I will transform myself into:

    Yeah, this is the one I use for my profiles on social networks. This would give you an idea of where I am going with this. I will dress mostly similar to this, in a Kimono or a Wa Lolita (Lolita version of the Japanese Kimono), but not all the time. I still dress in Lolita and other styles. My favourites though are vintage and historical fashions. I also loves cultural/ethnic Lolita outfits.

    I know the concept of being a living doll kind of seems too cutesy and girly, which was why I toned it down a bit. I mean, it doesn't fit the books, manga, games and scripts that I write. That was why I wanted humans to not know that Tikaani Moon was actually a living doll too. However, it didn't work out as I had planned. I will still become a real life Ellowyne Wilde doll, but I will bring out my own character pretty soon. As you can see, this is more of an Anime type character. I am trying to go with a human character after being anonymous for years. That's because I was given advice by a New York Times Bestselling Author, Joshua Graham about how humans would probably wish to connect with a human instead of an animal, a wolf. I listened to his advice. I will keep the wolf theme and images, but as soon as my living doll transformation is complete, I will begin showing a more human- I guess connection?

    So those are my recent and current projects. After conducting research on what authors should blog about, I will posts things relevant to my projects. If I posts about a topic, it is because I have a project relating to the topic. Also other topics that would help with the Tikaani Moon theme/character. 

    UPDATES: Developing the New Character for Tikaani Moon

  • Recently, someone pointed out I was a millennial. At first, I didn't realize it until it was mentioned. Yeah, I guess I am. That is when I was interested in learning about other millennial writers. I ran across this website: The 10 Best Millennial Authors You Probably Haven't Read (Yet)

    I think it's great to start your writing career as early as you can. While, I believe I wasn't really ready at 13, now I think I am ready for traditional publication. I am interested in learning about other millennial writers, who are as serious about writing and publishing as I am. Often because of our age, older published writers do not take us seriously and they underestimate us. Often due to their assumption we are not serious enough or mature enough for the writing industry. However, I would love to see more people as young as I am, getting a Bachelor's or even a Master's degree, writing books, manga, games or whatever. Just being ambitious and getting a head start on education and careers.

    So I am currently reading about other millennial writers....

    Millennial Writers

  • When people find out I listen to rock, especially the type of rock it is, most are shocked. Yes, when I am not listening to Kpop or Jpop music, this is my favourite music to listen to. This sort of music I find inspiring for writing. My taste can vary from indie to more harder rock, which is my first choice. My playlists mostly consists of hard, screamo type rock. This music is great for adventure, action, horror or almost any sort of writing I believe. It can get your adrenaline up to perfectly finish a scene. Lately, I have only been listening to Arabic, Turkish, Bollywood and Russian music. However, I am currently getting back to listening to rock. My taste hasn't changed at all.

    I like music with meaningful lyrics. While most don't pay too much attention to it, I actually like to decipher what the artist is trying to say through this song, what is the meaning to a song? What is the message behind the instruments? Some is a bit dark what I prefer, but I find it most inspiring for my writing projects.

    I believe rock has some of the most incredible and the most talented guitarists. I never paid much attention to who was in the bands, but I have always liked one. Despite of a lot of criticism about the music being dark and depressing, I use to be obsessed with Evanescence. I loved Amy Lee, and always thought she was beautiful. I just loved her style. My second favourite is Hayley Williams from Paramore. 

    I will end this with a list of my favourite bands I can currently remember:

    • Demon Hunter
    • Red
    • Scar the Martyr
    • Paramore
    • Breaking Benjamin
    • Slipknot
    • Five Finger Death Punch
    • Thousand Foot Krutch
    • Black Veil Brides
    • Escape the Fate
    • Evanescence
    • A Day to Remember
    • Three Days Grace
    • Pillar   

    Writing Inspiration: Rock

  • Today, I was working on my projects, and yes, even starting a brand new project. I wanted to share why I changed the program or platform I use to write.

    Like other writers, I originally used Microsoft Word. However, immediately I noticed a problem with writing on Word. Whenever a dumb computer wanted to not work right, that unfortunately meant I was stopped from working on my projects. I think I stopped writing on Word because one day, after troubleshooting a laptop, I found out my entire book had been erased.

    That's how I have been finding another means of writing my projects. I desired to use a platform that was online. In that way, if one computer fails me, I could use any computer in order to get work done. That is the reason why I switched to using Google Docs. There are a few problems with using this one as well. For instance, Google Docs claims it could work either online or offline, but this is not true at all. You have to always have a good internet connection. Due to the snow up here in Minnesota. I mean, we get severe snowstorms, and every time, our internet is knocked out for awhile. So a small message at the top appears saying, "you are offline." Then I'm stuck sitting there staring into space until the internet is working again. I never realized how addicted I was to the internet until I cannot go on the internet.

    Also, I dislike that Google Docs doesn't have a manuscript or a film script formatting template like Word does. Before submitting to agents, and even getting published by that Estonian publisher, I must insert it into Word in order to get it formatted. Another thing, is that Google Docs doesn't have a system for word count, nor does it correct grammar. However, not to worry, I have several programs for that.

    I am currently trying to find a better writing platform that is online. It's just I find Google Docs the most convenient to use. In addition to its convenience, I simply do not trust my computer to work properly on other platforms. I already have this problem from a laptop I recently purchased, that it keeps jumping back to the beginning of my document. I yell, "Why do you keep doing that?!" As if the computer can hear and answer me. Anyway, yes, I switched laptops due to my HP laptop not working well. It was a fancy expensive one that only worked well for 3 months. My mother currently uses it for her schooling to finish her Master's degree. However, it doesn't work quite well for her neither. Those new computers aren't designed to last long at all. Also, I wanted one to match my new Lolita style. I went smaller and more kawaii with my laptop. We have like thousands of laptops everywhere in our house because of the issue of the computers not working well.

    I may be posting more often for a break and I suppose procrastination. I took a quick break from coding for the new blog design. I am torn between kawaii stuff and Wolf stuff for the theme. I wish to post more relevant to writing. However, since I am learning about my ancestry, I will share anything I have learned about one of the cultures. Also, I will share living doll transformation updates as stated before....

    Writing Platforms

  • Just when you think the snow is going to go away, it snows again. This time, it is an even harsher snow storm. All of the schools and most businesses are closed due to the storm. That's how it is in Minnesota. However, I'm not bothered by the snow. I actually love winter. I love that spiders are not around.

    So anyway, I have been saying I would like to share more about my projects, inspirations and more about sled dogging and sled dog breeds. I would also love to post more about mixed race topics and ancestry stuff.

    First, I did share how I'm not too picky on the country I publish my books in. So, I've been searching for publishers in the U.K. My dream was to publish in New York, but that dream was shattered when finding out about this racist issue. Recently, I learned how bias the publishers in the United States have gotten. Publishers and even agents can reject your submission only because you are a minority. Also, if you do get published in the U.S., you have crazy Neo-Nazis harassing you. They affect the sell for marketing your books. People have been extremely bias towards me due to my pen name Tikaani Moon, and they know it is a Native American name. They also already know I'm a minority. The United States has became quite a disappointment.

    I found a publisher in Estonia. I spoken with an employer there, who is interested in publishing my book, and soon to be books. Yes, it's an Eastern European country. I don't care where I publish, just as long as I do publish my books. I just was interested particularly in Japan due to me already taking my games, my console and manga there. I wanted to have the same publisher from the same country. Now, I don't really care at this point. I don't even care if my literary agent is American or not.

    Yes, it's true I created over 40 books. I have a big imagination and I tend to daydream quite a lot. I didn't list all of the projects under ongoing projects. There are probably more books because I'm only counting the separate projects, and not books to a series. I just hate most are not actually finished. So, whichever company I publish with, I will have lots to contribute to their company.

    I use a Native American name and theme, at first due to the fact I thought I was Native American. That was until knowing of an adoptive background. It was like, okay, I'm not Native American. Then what am I? Now, I use Tikaani Moon to bring awareness to Native American culture and people. This is also a part of my activism work. I became an advocate for Native people due to my anger about the lack of action and respect when it comes to Indigenous people.

    Anyway, these are my latest projects I've been doing...

    Random Updates

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