31 March, 2018

And The Snow Returns (And Writing Updates)

I think we're going to have snow for Easter. Just when I thought we'd finally have a warm Spring Easter. I should've known. I never had an Easter where it wasn't cold and lots of snow.

The snow was melting, and my family was about to buy mulch and work in the yard. Then it snows again. We spent all morning shoveling the snow. There's already lots of snow, and yet it's still snowing. I actually enjoy being in the snow, but I dislike getting colds afterwards.

That reminded me of a writing project I themed on Easter. Recently, I was working on that book. I guess because I feel it's in the right season to. Although, I wish I could get more of an inspiration outside. I mean, Spring, what Easter represents. This book is also a series, the second separate series I will publish after my six book Fantasy series. This one is more whimsical though, but also Fantasy. So I redid the outline, and now I am going through my older documents to see which parts I want to keep or delete. That or change. I ran across older versions of the manuscript where many things I found original. So I did not want to ditch all of it, but only keep those bits of the Fantasy world I built.

I have also been writing on my third draft of the second book to the Fantasy series. I just would like to get the books together before I am published. I am also still rereading the first book. The second book I wrote 57, 408 words so far. I think that is pretty good for a few months, I think it is. I still have lots of work to do. My first book has 138, 075 words. I've deleted a lot of scenes I felt was unnecessary which brought it down significantly. I've had trouble rereading it due to my laptop and the weather. I'm still working through the difficulties and will get it done.

I have also been developing characters for a couple of new Horror YA books. I picked names for characters and I fleshed out the characters and the world. Also, I wrote down all ideas in outlines. I hope soon to start the official outline. First, I will write in the highlights of the books, the ideas which gave me the idea to write these books. Then I will build the books from there. After picking French names again, I noticed I use the French culture and people quite a lot. Like this first series, and the book I want published first, I have a few French main characters. Maybe it's because I am so close to Canada?

So I have lots of other projects, but I am narrowing down how many I actually work on at a time.   

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