23 March, 2018

Millennial Writers

Recently, someone pointed out I was a millennial. At first, I didn't realize it until it was mentioned. Yeah, I guess I am. That is when I was interested in learning about other millennial writers. I ran across this website: The 10 Best Millennial Authors You Probably Haven't Read (Yet)

I think it's great to start your writing career as early as you can. While, I believe I wasn't really ready at 13, now I think I am ready for traditional publication. I am interested in learning about other millennial writers, who are as serious about writing and publishing as I am. Often because of our age, older published writers do not take us seriously and they underestimate us. Often due to their assumption we are not serious enough or mature enough for the writing industry. However, I would love to see more people as young as I am, getting a Bachelor's or even a Master's degree, writing books, manga, games or whatever. Just being ambitious and getting a head start on education and careers.

So I am currently reading about other millennial writers....

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