27 March, 2018

My Writing Journey

I began writing at the age of 8. At first, I use to write everything in notebooks. Then I upgraded to the computer. I wrote books, poems, game ideas and game console concepts.

My mother critiqued it and told me it wasn't good and to redo the entire book. No matter of my reaction, my mother truthfully told me if it was good or not. So I did rewrite it. I knew my book needed lots of work, and so I started reading other books, taking courses and conducting lots of research on how to write a book correctly.

My Fantasy book has been through over 20 rewrites and over 30 revisions. Being a perfectionist, I reconstructed the book until it was the book I wanted to publish. So many times, published authors have badly commented about me not having anything published, when I have been writing for, well, now it would be for 14 years. They would ask me, "If you've been writing that long why don't you have anything published?" They would always act like I never belonged in their writing groups, and I never was worthy of connecting with them. My age was another major reason they disdained me. They would ask to view my book, but I declined their help. I didn't need some person who every second tore me down, criticizing me anymore. I have heard many experts advise writers, especially aspiring writers to take constructive criticism, and yes, I do. However, this was not constructive criticism, but plain bullying criticism. Many published authors I had to block due to them constantly harassing me, which I felt was inappropriate to harass a child like that. 

To be honest, it did and it still does bother me that I have nothing published yet. That was to the point I became depressed because I have nothing to show for being a writer for 14 years. Plus, I don't have anything to show I wrote over 40 books.

I wrote a lot of experimental plots, POVs and characters, settings and everything for the book I shall publish first. I realized about three books were in one book. So I separated the stories and wrote two more ones that was originally in this book. During the time, I came up with so many different ideas, which accumulated into over 40 writing projects. I believe quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, this was never a part of some contest as to how many books or writing projects I could write or create. Whenever I had an idea, I wrote it down. That's all.

I have ran across several articles that strongly advise against publishing the book you wrote as a child or your very first creation. However, I never gave up on this book which turned into a six book series. I developed it so much, it is no longer a childhood project. This book has changed significantly from its original version.

I also had an issue on writing in third person, and not jumping around to different characters. I felt it was not ready for publication yet. I learned how to properly write under one POV at a time (my favourite was Writer's Digest), and now I improved my skills. I have lots of stories written in first person as well, but this particular series is written in third person. However, after the first few chapters, the POV will change.

As stated above, I have rewrote and revised this book about 20 /30 times throughout the years. I read so many articles on once your book is published, there is a no going back situation. So I had to play around with ideas until I was happy with the way the book was going. My habit of reconstructing the book didn't end until 2015. My mother pointed out I would never get published if I keep rewriting it and changing things. That was due to the changes I wished to make would require an entire rewrite of the book. I've unfortunately have been doing that for 14 years.

I read so many articles and how-to books that advise to submit your best manuscript. So I think only now this is my best manuscript. Although I already found a publisher to submit to (located in Estonia), I will first query a literary agent. If that publisher doesn't work out, I will look elsewhere. I am willing to relocate to where my agent and/or publisher is based in.   

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