06 March, 2018

Random Updates

Just when you think the snow is going to go away, it snows again. This time, it is an even harsher snow storm. All of the schools and most businesses are closed due to the storm. That's how it is in Minnesota. However, I'm not bothered by the snow. I actually love winter. I love that spiders are not around.

So anyway, I have been saying I would like to share more about my projects, inspirations and more about sled dogging and sled dog breeds. I would also love to post more about mixed race topics and ancestry stuff.

First, I did share how I'm not too picky on the country I publish my books in. So, I've been searching for publishers in the U.K. My dream was to publish in New York, but that dream was shattered when finding out about this racist issue. Recently, I learned how bias the publishers in the United States have gotten. Publishers and even agents can reject your submission only because you are a minority. Also, if you do get published in the U.S., you have crazy Neo-Nazis harassing you. They affect the sell for marketing your books. People have been extremely bias towards me due to my pen name Tikaani Moon, and they know it is a Native American name. They also already know I'm a minority. The United States has became quite a disappointment.

I found a publisher in Estonia. I spoken with an employer there, who is interested in publishing my book, and soon to be books. Yes, it's an Eastern European country. I don't care where I publish, just as long as I do publish my books. I just was interested particularly in Japan due to me already taking my games, my console and manga there. I wanted to have the same publisher from the same country. Now, I don't really care at this point. I don't even care if my literary agent is American or not.

Yes, it's true I created over 40 books. I have a big imagination and I tend to daydream quite a lot. I didn't list all of the projects under ongoing projects. There are probably more books because I'm only counting the separate projects, and not books to a series. I just hate most are not actually finished. So, whichever company I publish with, I will have lots to contribute to their company.

I use a Native American name and theme, at first due to the fact I thought I was Native American. That was until knowing of an adoptive background. It was like, okay, I'm not Native American. Then what am I? Now, I use Tikaani Moon to bring awareness to Native American culture and people. This is also a part of my activism work. I became an advocate for Native people due to my anger about the lack of action and respect when it comes to Indigenous people.

Anyway, these are my latest projects I've been doing...

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