30 March, 2018

Using Pinterest for Writers

I joined Pinterest back in 2013? I'm not sure, but it was when Pinterest was kind of new. Well, yeah, I joined after an article recommended Pinterest to writers. The article claimed writers are able to use Pinterest for reference, any reference they may need.

I found Pinterest useful for writers who write about specific locations. I have my books based in so many different countries, and I use so many different ethnic races and cultures in my projects. So I did find it inspirational and educational to have a visual on the country or State I am writing about. I created boards for each country I selected. So if you go to my profile and search, you'll get an idea of the countries I use.

I think the most recent board is the Netherlands or Sweden (other countries are Croatia, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, China). The most useful would be the boards I created for the U.K. and the United States. I use a wide variety of different States, but recently, I discussed it with my mother about using more of the U.K. Yeah, recently, I have considered switching my settings and characters from American to British, Scottish, or Welsh. I do prefer the U.K. entertainment over American. That is why my family have watched and viewed so much of mainly British entertainment. I even go online to watch films and shows. I feel the British entertainment is more family oriented (just compare an American film to a British film). And yeah, those accents. I wish so bad I could meet someone from the U.K. Unfortunately, there are no people from the U.K. around where I live and work. Come to think of it, there are no humans from different countries in the town I live in. Well, it is a small town.

Anyway, Pinterest has helped out with getting more of a visual idea of the U.K. and the other countries.

I have also found Pinterest useful for writers who write about Historical events and dates. I have lots of boards on military history, the wars I plan on writing about. For example, if someone based their story upon the American Civil War, you can get a visual idea of that time. I mean, the 1860's and the war itself. Also, that is a good way to save information on Historical events and stuff like that. Also, it helps me to get a more real visual glimpse of the American Old West. No myths and Hollywood stuff, but the real history.

It is even great for any sort of other inspiration, such as Architecture Reference, character ideas and among other inspirations. I have also used Pinterest for reference for my fashion designs. To see how other fashion designers sketched their clothing. That's how I utilize Pinterest like other writers.

I have also been trying lots of recipes from Pinterest. I love the new tried feature.

The only thing I dislike about Pinterest is that now, users are able to send you messages. I liked the fact that no one was able to contact me at first, but now they can chat with you.

Well, that's about all I wanted to share about how I utilize Pinterest as a writer.   

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