07 April, 2018

Weird West and Western Genre

Weird West is a subgenre in the Western book genre. It is a book that takes place in the Western setting, but only it has fantasy, science fiction or horror themes in it. Mostly fantasy, fictional type stuff. The story Jonah Hex can be a good example of Weird West.

My love for Western films, TV shows, books and games interested me so much, that I started writing Western books back in- maybe 2007? They were too boring for me, so I turned them into Weird West books. However, I have considered writing plain Western books.

Yeah, most people don't know that I am a fan of the Old West culture and history. This song by Jason Lee Wilson called Big Gun has always inspired daydreaming of the Old West. I have studied the Old West for years, and so I like songs that can take you back to those days. Soon I would love to share my research and what I've learned since I write Weird West and Western books. 

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