22 March, 2018

Writing Platforms

Today, I was working on my projects, and yes, even starting a brand new project. I wanted to share why I changed the program or platform I use to write.

Like other writers, I originally used Microsoft Word. However, immediately I noticed a problem with writing on Word. Whenever a dumb computer wanted to not work right, that unfortunately meant I was stopped from working on my projects. I think I stopped writing on Word because one day, after troubleshooting a laptop, I found out my entire book had been erased.

That's how I have been finding another means of writing my projects. I desired to use a platform that was online. In that way, if one computer fails me, I could use any computer in order to get work done. That is the reason why I switched to using Google Docs. There are a few problems with using this one as well. For instance, Google Docs claims it could work either online or offline, but this is not true at all. You have to always have a good internet connection. Due to the snow up here in Minnesota. I mean, we get severe snowstorms, and every time, our internet is knocked out for awhile. So a small message at the top appears saying, "you are offline." Then I'm stuck sitting there staring into space until the internet is working again. I never realized how addicted I was to the internet until I cannot go on the internet.

Also, I dislike that Google Docs doesn't have a manuscript or a film script formatting template like Word does. Before submitting to agents, and even getting published by that Estonian publisher, I must insert it into Word in order to get it formatted. Another thing, is that Google Docs doesn't have a system for word count, nor does it correct grammar. However, not to worry, I have several programs for that.

I am currently trying to find a better writing platform that is online. It's just I find Google Docs the most convenient to use. In addition to its convenience, I simply do not trust my computer to work properly on other platforms. I already have this problem from a laptop I recently purchased, that it keeps jumping back to the beginning of my document. I yell, "Why do you keep doing that?!" As if the computer can hear and answer me. Anyway, yes, I switched laptops due to my HP laptop not working well. It was a fancy expensive one that only worked well for 3 months. My mother currently uses it for her schooling to finish her Master's degree. However, it doesn't work quite well for her neither. Those new computers aren't designed to last long at all. Also, I wanted one to match my new Lolita style. I went smaller and more kawaii with my laptop. We have like thousands of laptops everywhere in our house because of the issue of the computers not working well.

I may be posting more often for a break and I suppose procrastination. I took a quick break from coding for the new blog design. I am torn between kawaii stuff and Wolf stuff for the theme. I wish to post more relevant to writing. However, since I am learning about my ancestry, I will share anything I have learned about one of the cultures. Also, I will share living doll transformation updates as stated before....

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