30 April, 2018

The Insecure Writers Support Group

I have been considering signing up for The Insecure Writers Support Group. I find it a good way to connect with other writers. Also to share your writing journey.

The only thing is that I am not sure if I would remember that every first Wednesday of the month you post for this group on your blog. Even though it may not seem like it, I am extremely busy and due to my schedule, I may have a difficult time remembering stuff like this. Everyday, I have to be reminded what day of the week it is. I have read the rules on how if you miss two post in a row, you will be removed from the group.

Plus, I have been discussing allowing comments on my blog. I have considered it, but I do remember every time I tried allowing people to comment on anything I post anywhere, they were always negative comments. I am an upcoming living doll, and we are labeled as outcasts by the world. They would always comment on how stupid it was and how it's such a waste of money to transform myself into a living doll. Also, when people know my age, for some reason, they need to comment on how they think no one my age can have all of this going for themselves as I have mentioned. I also get negative comments that are racist. Most of the problems I had were with other writers. That's why I haven't allowed others to comment. I may for this group, but not sure. As I have stated before too, I'm not social. Any sort of human interaction makes me feel uncomfortable due to my shyness.

I don't feel comments are needed. Just as long as someone read the post, it doesn't matter to me. I prefer just to observe. I am not sure if you have to comment on other's posts, but it's sort of suggesting that.

So, I have signed up to let people know every first Wednesday of each month, I will participate in this. It's basically what I've been doing, sharing my writing journey. I did this to share more and to get more posting topics.

I don't know. I'll try it out even though it may or may not work out. 

27 April, 2018

Going To Take Some Classes

I took classes already for Manga Production and Faculty of Manga to become a mangaka writer. Mangaka, meaning a writer for Japanese manga. I read how hard it is to actually get into Japan's entertainment, especially their manga/anime. Not only do you have to know Japanese, but they wish for you to follow their manga/anime style. I do notice Japanese anime has a distinctive appearance. That's why I did extensive studying on Japanese manga to follow their guidelines for publishing in Japan.

Now I have been discussing with my family about how I've been wanting to take some more classes soon. I know I took so many classes and courses, but I wish to take more that will help in my career.

I would like to learn how to draw anime digitally and traditionally. I guess I need lots more art paper, pencils, erasers and Adobe Photoshop, as I heard is the best program to draw on. The thought that I had to depend so much on other artists to draw my art for my blogs can be vexatious. This is the main reason I will like to learn, but I feel perhaps I can do better with the help of a class to draw anime/manga. I also would like to improve on how I draw my fashion designs. I hope to be able to draw my own artwork for posts and blog designs. I am still not sure how I exactly want the design. That's why it took so much time trying to upgrade the blogs. I learned to how code, but drawing and designing digitally, not good at all.

I have decided to return to pursuing a photography career. To make it official, I will start taking more photography classes. I found a program at Southern New Hampshire University for a Bachelor's or Masters in commercial photography.

To enhance my writing skills even more, I have been considering taking a writing class. I took a few online courses, but I found a few workshops I was interested in. Also, do more perhaps science, history and to help develop my game ideas and console. For history, particularly in the American Civil War. I have already found a class that offers to teach about the Civil War. Like I've been doing all of these years, I wish to study the topics I write about to become knowledgeable on what I'm writing about.

Recently too, I was considering pursuing a career in modeling, but for Lolita and other dolly fashion, as well as historical clothing. I'm still not sure about this yet. I am looking around for programs or something to become an official model. That is after I complete my real life character transformation. I have been doing some brainstorming for my author brand and image. I aim to become a real life doll or character that perfectly suits my brand as a storyteller.

I however, have been strongly considering taking classes on the languages I needed to learn as well. I have also been interested in social media marketing courses I found.

I know these are a lot of classes, but it's nice to continue education. 

26 April, 2018

Commercial Ads

I read a post about commercials by Patti O'Shea, an author of Paranormal Action/Adventure Romance. Her blog is one of my favourites to read. Now I read this post: Day-O For The Win

I always discuss the new commercials with my mother since she is into business. While my family are also huge fans of funny commercials, most commercials I feel they do not actually get their message across or make it clear. Because of this, I think the scripts for the commercials should be thought of a bit better. I learned how this works. Actually, the marketing department of these companies in their business meetings, they present their ways to market their message to the people in charge. What's interesting is that they have to give the green light for these commercials. Most of them today, I find irrelevant to the product they are selling or their message. I always ask, what does that have to do with that? Nothing.

Since I am a script writer, I have given the thought I could write commercial scripts as well.

I do agree with Patti, I love this commercial....

Yes, just like the post said, although humorous, and one of my favourites, it does show how in America, retirement is fading. Seniors today are forced to go out and work. However, I shared it in my post because this is one of my favourite commercials.

25 April, 2018

Childhood Inspirations From Television

I am very sad to find out the American actor, R. Lee Ermey died this year. I remember growing up as being inspired by his military roles and theme.

I remember watching the show Mail Call, a show where he would answer military related questions. I think R. Lee Ermey was one of many sources to influence my interest in the military and my desires to enlist into the U.S. Air Force. I was so obsessed in studying the military. I became someone who knew a lot about this topic more than the average person would know. People were often concerned about my obsession in the military and they tried stopping me from studying about it. I remember watching Mail Call faithfully though.

There was also someone else who inspired me and that was Steve Irwin, known as the Crocodile Hunter. He was one of few of my role models like R. Lee Ermey. I remember always wanting to be just like Steve Irwin. I was serious about it because I was pursuing a career to work with wild animals like him. My mother was always worried about my safety, especially after finding out how Steve Irwin met his end. I particularly was obsessed with Wolves and other wild canines. I even owned a dog that was part Wolf.

So, when finding out about R. Lee Ermey, I reflected on the people who inspired me the most in my life outside of the home. I think because of these two, their influences has became a part of my personality.

Don't Starve Together Review (And Don't Starve)

I first have to say, my family has became addicted to playing Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together. It is a Tim Burton styled game created by a Canadian Indie Company called Klei Entertainment. It was pretty genius. I first heard about this game through a Youtube video because my family was interested in purchasing more games. Also, it was after we recently purchased the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but we bought this one for the Xbox One. 

Basically the concept is to gather needed stuff in the woods in order to make things for your survival. I didn't really understand the concept at first, but bought it anyway. So I played Don't Starve Together first, and I was first drawn to the Wendy character. I think she is my second favourite for her interesting character. So, I began picking up stuff and didn't get it at first. I was wondering what really was the point in picking up random stuff off the ground. Embarrassingly, I died the very same day, no, the very same minute. I didn't know the frogs could kill you at first. I found it really hard to quickly find stuff to make a torch before it was night. I couldn't make it pass 3 days, while my mother survived much longer than me, but she still died too. 

We deleted and restarted several games before really getting the hang of things. Still, there's lots to improve. I love this game in particular, because it kind of gives you the freedom to generate your own world. Plus, there seems to be more purpose in this game I guess because it's not short? I am able to survive a lot longer than 3 days now. I am still new to this game, and so I am still learning how to play it. Now, I found a new favourite character, and that's Webber, yes, the spider. It's pretty weird how I always say how I hate spiders, but I love Webber. I also like how the spiders do not attack him, well, unless I actually accidentally hit one. It's also an easier way to get silk. 

I am aware that having Webber though, you probably can't befriend the pigs, but any character I have, I find it impossible to befriend them. They always kill me before they take the food I'm offering them. Recently, I did learn about trading with the pig king for candy and gold. I just wished you were able to do something more with the stuff you find, although it's not too bad when you have to make things with gold. 

The thing that is very weird, that bothers me is the glitch. Well, I could be walking, then all of a sudden, I can't walk forward, and then I'm sliding backwards and all over the forest. It really annoys me and I thought the upgrade would fix that, but no one ever fixed that problem. I'm not sure if others ever noticed this glitch or not, but while it can be funny, it can cause me to stop playing the game. The glitch happens constantly. 

Recently, I was playing with my mother and we allowed others to join our game unintentionally. I'm still learning, and I was doing stuff I didn't know what it meant. First, there was a drunk guy who wasn't any help at all. He couldn't even find where we were at. It was very weird, because he didn't want us to know he himself was playing the game, but it was obvious he was. 

Then this other guy from Poland, he survived for a few days, collecting some stuff. I could tell he was also a fan of Webber. Anyway, a few days later, in the game time of course, we found out he was killed by the Beefalo. It's just a habit that I pick up stuff I find. So, I picked up everything he collected. When he returned, he found out he no longer had anything he made and collected. I mean, where it was before. We couldn't hold our laugh in about the whole incident, and I think he got mad about the two incidents. So he left the game. 

Then after a few weeks, my family discovered Don't Starve. I still don't understand the Reign of Giants and the other stuff, and how this game actually works, because I never really played this one. I just watched others play it. So far though, I am very much interested in the Shipwrecked one I guess because it's different. I really like the Don't Starve, but I dislike if you die, you lose everything that you established. I liked at least in Don't Starve Together, in the Wilderness version, you could have everything you built, even if you die.   

For its originality and quirkiness, Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together has became my second favourites of all time.  

24 April, 2018

Perfect Song To End The Day....

I will begin on my posting schedule as sharing music that I listen to while working. Music plays a major role in my writing. I listen to a wide range of different music to help me stay inspired and to keep writing.

Song at the End of the Day by Secret Garden. This is one of my favourite music artists.

Considered Writing For Marvel Studios

So, I plan to become more organized with my blog posts. I am doing schedules, but I will not make any promises that I can stay on the schedule. On Tuesdays, I would like to discuss only about manga related writing for those who are more interested in my graphic novel WIPs.

Since comics fall into the graphic novel category, I would like to share my interest in someday writing for Marvel Studios. I guess because I am a huge fan of Stan Lee. I was offered a job there, but I am unsure still because I am having difficulties writing graphic novels in the Western style. Since I spent years studying the Japanese manga style, I have learned how to imitate this style. Unfortunately now, I can't seem to get out of the habit in writing comics in this style.

So I will consider it because I do write about superheroes as well. I wasn't really interested in superheroes until honestly I started playing superhero themed games. Before my interest was official though, I was already writing a book based upon superheroes. I can only be a writer for comics because I can't draw especially digitally.

My schedule, although not guaranteed will look something like this... Now, since I do write for different stuff, I will post about each. I can't manage more than 3 blogs, so I will post here, but just organize things. It may or may not be daily, but I will post related topics about...

  • Books
  • Manga
  • Games, Narrative Designing
  • Scripts, Films, Commercials, Screenplays
  • Business, E-Commerce, Store etc.
  • Living Doll Career, Artist Stuff, Fashion Designing
  • Music, Inspiration, Quotes, Languages

23 April, 2018

I Just Want To Sit For Hours And Write, But...

I can sit at a computer for 12 hours straight writing (if given the time). Determination to finally be a published writer, it can drive me to work longer.

After being trained as a nurse, I later was informed how I shouldn't sit for long periods of times, especially doing this everyday. Actually, our bodies are not designed to be immobile for more than 2 hours. This is the main reason immobile patients have to be rotated or moved every 2 hours. If not, we risk developing blood clots in our bodies, which makes it hard to breathe. Also blood cannot pump to our heart. It can be fatal as well. Our blood can actually become more coagulated for a lack of movement for a long time. This is most likely if you continue this habit at a constant level.

I knew 2 people who died because of blood clots. One was my step-grandma's brother, the other was my friend who died at the age of 16. Yes, her obesity contributed to her inactivity during summer break, which caused massive blood clots in her entire body. She basically suffocated to death. I will make a post about her soon. However yes, for the entire summer she was immobile. My mother said going to summer school actually would have helped her. My step-grandma's brother was not obese. So it's not just for overweight people.

Anyway, because of this, my mother reminds me to take breaks from writing. Not much is required. You can just stand up and walk around a bit, or you can also do light exercises to stretch your legs. You can do anything that will keep healthy blood flow to your legs, then you can sit back down.

I also learned if you feel a numbness and like little needles anywhere in your body, most often feet, legs, hands and arms, this is a sign of poor blood circulation in that particular area. You have to reposition your numbed body part until the feeling returns. I learned you should actually stand or try to walk around if your entire lower extremities (everything below the waist) feels numb with the needles.

So what I learned as a nurse can be helpful for writers, but not only writers. It's just writers may have this habit of constantly sitting down, especially in one position for hours on end. I learned this applies to everyone who has the ability to sit down. You could be sitting down reading a book, playing a video game, drawing or you can be simply watching television, this applies to all humans.

The same applies with lying down. People should not lay in one position for more than 2 hours. You don't really have to get up, although it would be ideal to stand up and walk around briefly, you can simply change positions in how you are lying down. 

22 April, 2018

Writing Project About Life As A Living Doll

I just researched a bit about the Lolita fashion. I didn't read too much, but I did read about how it first appeared in the 80's. Wearing Lolita actually was a symbol of rebellion against basically mainstream society; to break free of the norm. I guess being tired of the society and usual fashion of Japan. Yeah obviously, it originated in Japan.

Anyway, I started a project about the real life as a living doll. It will actually be a manga. This series shares the daily lifestyle of a living doll, fashion and how people react to us as a living doll. The manga will share my personal experiences as being a living doll and dressing in Lolita everyday, or other kawaii fashion.

It can give humans a better understanding of being a living doll. This manga is not solely for people who transforms themselves into real life dolls, but for those who wears Lolita everyday. I wish to give people an understanding especially due to the misconception and misunderstanding of what is Lolita.

It really annoys me how people think what we do is a part of a fetish, which it is not. Also that Lolita promotes pedophilia and a weak, poor image on females. I didn't understand this until coming across a Japanese blog explaining why people misunderstand this fashion. Ever since that 1955 book by Vladimir Nabokov, people confuse the name Lolita and the Lolita concept with inappropriate fetishism. The blog said only Americans have this misunderstanding, but it's not fair to say when I have ran across many people outside of East Asia share this misunderstanding.

If you visit here, you'll understand how this book has given Japanese Lolita fashion a bad image, and why people misunderstand.

So I hope through my blogging and my new projects on living dolls and the fashion, I can clear a lot of this huge misconception.

21 April, 2018

Writing For a Trend or Passion?

When I first became serious about writing, I think all of my studying took over a bit too much. I have read books, articles, blogs written by editors, publishers, literary agents and published writers that advise aspiring writers to research what is trending. Then after that, write based upon the trends, what they feel will actually sell. Like if there is a trend on Vampire Romance, you should also write about that too.

After this research, I started to change my projects to fit what the experts recommend how you should write your book. I wasn't too satisfied with my work, and I think that's why I spent so much time rewriting stuff. Well half of the reason. My mother soon suggested that I shouldn't follow all of their advice.

I learned that I should write the book that I feel morally right about, and something that I can feel proud of. It feels more like a chore or an assignment than doing something you love if you are only following the trends. That or writing something that you're not passionate about or a topic or genre that you even hate. This is more like schoolwork. So, I started going back to constructing the projects how I prefer them. If you are writing or doing something you love, it doesn't feel like work and no one has to force you to do it. That's my preferred way. I prefer to write about something that I am interested in regardless if it's trending or not. I do believe trends come and go anyway.

Besides, why not be a trend starter yourself? If you are always writing about the same thing, we will never travel again with entertainment. No one is coming up with anything new, but they are recycling the same stuff. Was it not someone who wrote about these topics that actually started a trend themselves? I think yes.

Well, I'm not into trends or mainstream stuff. I do not follow anyone else but I like to go my own way with everything. I don't care if no one listens to that music or that music artists, if no one else plays that video game or if no one agrees with my fashion choice. If I like something, it doesn't matter if others like it or not.  

20 April, 2018

Writing What You Know

I heard several published writers advise to only write what you already know. Meaning staying within your knowledge and expertise.

However, I tend to disagree how you should only write what you know. I find writing a great learning tool. If I wanted to learn about something, I create a project to fit what I want to study. I use it for any historical event I was curious about, a language I wanted to learn and anything else that interested me. I use writing as a way to become an expert in the topics that I wished to be knowledgeable on...

I posted this to see if all of my posts were banned from Twitter, the previous post got banned. I'm not allowed to share it on Twitter. I guess because I mentioned the debt or the tariffs? I didn't realize people would get offended by it. I got a lot of people angry. I will try to no longer post regarding that anymore then. I just wanted to post more business related things, and stuff that I write about. Nothing more....

The End of High End Shopping

Yesterday, my family was given an email stating our Herberger's store card will be no more due to the Bon Ton company filing for bankruptcy. I was thinking, another store? Wow, those tariffs are affecting everyone. Many of these high end stores are closing and filing for bankruptcy.

The Bon Ton family opened their first store in 1854. They own Boston Store, Herberger's, Younders, Bergner's, Carson's and Elder-Beerman. That's a pretty long time to be in business.

2016, I also read how Payless filed for bankruptcy too.

The important point is from what I read is how high end, high cost stores are fading and ending in America. There is a risk we will no longer have this sort of shopping here.

Wal-Mart may seem like it's doing fine, in fact in America Wal-Mart is considered a giant that crushes the competition. If a Wal-Mart store opens in the neighborhood, every other store is doomed to close. However, stocks don't lie, and I fear Wal-Mart has suffered from the dwindling economy as well.

Things are not looking good for Gamestop neither. They are closing several stores and their stocks are going down.

I noticed too that the stores in my area can't restock shelves due to the tariffs and economy. Just today, my family ordered from Shipt, a company like Instacart but with Target store, the woman was saying how alarming it was that the shelves were so empty.

I think too, our officials should help get us out of debt, but instead they add to America's debt. The best example is Mark Dayton, the governor of Minnesota who added 188$ million to Minnesota's debt, which was already at 6.2$ billion when he went into office.

Like the quote from Thomas Jefferson,

"We must not let our leaders load us up with prepetual debt."

Another by John Adams...

"There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt." 

UPDATE: Getting a lot of heat from this post. Wow, it was just an observation and it gets banned from Twitter? 

16 April, 2018

Give Me Stuff To Read...

I really enjoy reading blogs and material/projects humans give me to read. I love reading, and sometimes I take a break from reading about wars, history, economics, science and other stuff. Yeah, even though I love Science Fiction and Fantasy, and also I write it too, I actually read Non-Fiction Historical books. Also I find myself reading Business books and Educational books.

Yeah, I am aware that most of the author blogs I read are Romance Authors, and I dislike Romance (I especially dislike Erotica stuff). So that's a hint that I will NEVER write Romance or Erotica books. So unfortunately, most likely, I will not read any of their books. Although, I have read the Twilight series, even though I disliked the series. As a writer, I just wanted to see what was all the hype about these books. When I was reading it, I didn't pay too much attention to the characters or anything, but I focused on the pacing, wording and other stuff.

It's just that I prefer blogs that are updated regularly, or even daily, and the Author blogs similar to the genres I read and write rarely maintains their blogs. Most haven't posted in like 5 years. Most of these blogs I read share about general writing or the author's lifestyle. I find myself enjoying personal, writing, business and art blogs. I also love travel blogs or blogs about different cultures.

I know some wonder if I actually read the stuff they send me, and my answer is yes, I actually do read it. I just forget to tell the person I did read the stuff they wanted me to read. You know, like if others ask me to read their books, poems or whatever it is. 

15 April, 2018

Snow For April

This is what people in Minnesota wakes up to. On the news, my family heard it's the worst blizzard we had in years, and it made serious history. It's been snowing all day and we are expected to get even more snow. We were advised not to leave our homes if we don't have to, but some people still have jobs to go to.

Everything is closed, every store, restaurant, gas station, school and even church. Seriously, you cannot find anything open.

When trying to step outside to shovel the snow, we found out we couldn't even open the door. I know from the picture, it's hard to tell how tall the snow is, it's thigh high. Some areas it's even taller than that. We spent a few minutes trying to get out the door. I know we had to, because it's law that the mailman has a right not to deliver your mail if your walkway is not shoveled.

So all this morning, my family was shoveling the snow. The wind was really blowing, and I could see why the news told us it could be dangerous to inhale the air. You can't even see outside because the snow is blowing in the air. The wind is so strong, I've seen people getting blown down the street! I was thinking, oh gosh! Good thing that isn't me.

It's extremely cold here. I think I caught the flu. We past the wave where people were dying from the flu. So it's fine. Oh man, it's spring! I thought we would be enjoying the spring weather. Well, the best thing about this is no spiders! And no centipedes! Just the other week, I saw a spider in the house when the snow was melting. Now, I see no more spiders or centipedes.

14 April, 2018

Getting Back Into Photography

Awhile ago, I use to take pictures of almost everything. I am a photographer, but I haven't been taking photos recently.

What started my halt in photography was when all of my best pictures were deleted off a laptop. When the laptop wanted to no longer work, unfortunately, all of my photographs I worked hard to capture perfectly was erased. They all were erased! This angered me so much that I stopped taking pictures. I say I am a photographer, but it's like I have nothing to show for it. I mean, my best photographs. I even stopped pursuing a career as a photographer and quit as one too. When I take pictures now, I am not as passionate about it, nor am I concerned about taking a perfect picture.

Well, to make things worse is that I deactivated my Facebook account, and I just remembered I created my Flickr account with Facebook! Before I took my photos off that site, I deleted my account.

Recently, I was repeatedly encouraged to get back into photography. I mean, I should since I have 3 cameras that cost thousands of dollars, plus all of those classes on photography I took. I know I should not make my money wasted. So, I may get back into photography and if I do, I will share my photos. If they are worthy of sharing.

13 April, 2018

The Purpose of Writing

During my break, I thought, as a writer starts their career of writing, the question can appear. What is their purpose of writing.

For me, I've always began writing from pure passion and the mere habit of writing itself. I always say I write because writing is my passion. I don't write for fame, fortune or for anything else. It can bring you joy for seeing something that you created and no one else. This is not just for writing but anything you can see your creation. Books, manga, films, music, art, anything else.

It's a way to express yourself freely, use creativity, research and to expand your imagination. You can capture thoughts, you can also capture moments and certain things about people or animals that were in your life, or who made an impact in your life. Writing is a mix of research and personal thoughts as well. I've never had any connection with any other human being, but still, certain things I observed was worth keeping.

It's a way you can look at the world in someone else's eyes, through your characters. You can travel to any place in the world, and beyond Earth. I love how you don't have to limit creativity in Fantasy or Fictional writing. You can also travel back in time. You are able to relive events and memories. Although previous years have gone, they can live again through a book, poem, song or anything else.

Words can be poetic. It's incredible how so many words can tell a story.

So, I say, I'm not looking to my left or my right when it comes to writing and eventually getting published. I look ahead not getting distracted by others as I walk on this journey to become an established writer.

12 April, 2018

Shounen Manga Updates 1

Updates for the shounen manga planning to finish first. I have been building the world, developing the characters and everything else. Recently I have been working on character profiles. It is written for a reference for the manga artist, who I shall hire soon. I am interested in seeing how the characters will look, and how they will be designed. This manga is centered around a school, so I would also be interested in seeing how uniforms would be designed based upon references. Recently, I have been on the debate about how many female characters should be fighting characters. So far, two females have been developed, rest of the fighting characters are male. However, I find weak, damsel type girls (the wallflower type) very annoying (actually I do not like how most female characters are developed in all entertainment. I find them extremely annoying). I prefer to have them equally skilled (or useful for something) or have no female characters at all. 

I have also been experimenting with world building and settings.

Nothing in detail can be given out yet, however...

Genre(s): Action, adventure, fantasy, horror, paranormal, comedy, shounen

Themes, other notes: This series has little to no romance. There may be rare crushes, but that's pretty much it. Mainly it is centered around the plot, action and straightforward, none distracting themes. The story involves demons, monsters, military, tough muscle bound guys, creatures, talking animals, paranormal, supernatural and lots of weapons in use. I always liked Kemonomimi characters, so I have added a few. Actually Kemonomimi characters were added in both separate shounen series.  

Pages: Will be under 190 or 200

Additional notes: As addressed before, the series is centered around a school. It is a fictional world based from Japan and other places. Modern but with many traditional themes. Just trying to build something unique and interesting. Most importantly, a world to fit the characters, theme and plot. When information can be shared, I will give more detailed descriptions. I may even share character profiles.

My Writing View

This is what I see when I write or do any other work. I think it's pretty inspiring and it always makes me wish to put on my Lolita dresses.

Pretty, isn't it?

11 April, 2018

East Asia's Education and Technology Surpassing Us All

I know that I said I wanted my posts to be more relevant to writing, but I remember recently viewing a program, which talked about how the United States (well some Americans) were worried that America will be left behind when it comes to education and technology. China, Japan and other East Asian countries are already at the top when it comes to these things. It stated by 2020 or 2024, these countries will eventually surpass everyone (including other countries). I was thinking, wow. No wonder. China, Japan and other countries are one of the most hard working people in the world. They are also overachievers.

You know, America was set back during the 2008 recession. However, not just the recession. I'm not sure if anyone remembers the scandal of Madoff? Bernard Madoff? The investment scandal which nearly bankrupted the entire country. I think it's because of people like this guy who keeps setting America back (Not to mention Wells Fargo and others).

Unfortunately, you have the new administration in the White House who doesn't believe in technology and innovation. Many of America's programs to give us innovation is being defunded significantly.

Even trade is being damaged to the point where companies like General Mills (Cheerios) have to downsize, cut products and improvise due to the huge tariffs you get when collaborating with different countries to make products. You can call it inflation (making products smaller and raising prices), but tariffs are a big problem.

I have also been carefully watching the stock market, and I'm a little concerned what it means for the economy. Down 700, 900, 1,000 (It's now 20)? I read how it was at a historic low. Everyone is pulling their investments and stocks from the United States. I also never heard of the United States ever being sanctioned before, but I think twice we've been sanctioned since the new presidency.

I think it's not good when a country excludes people, including its own citizens. Even my family have been victims of being excluded. If you were born and raised, or raised, or either have legal citizenship, it does make you American. Everyone else doesn't see it that way however here in America. They base their judgement solely upon ancestry, race and religion. That is why, yes, when I watched Morgan Freeman's series, forgot the name of it though, well, I do agree that we should sit down and discuss this. We should resolve this issue. I would love to make another post as to why I believe this is an important topic.

I believe Japan and the other East Asian countries have already surpassed us, I know definitely with education. It becomes a problem when it's out of the ordinary when younger people get a high education, and they get a head start on things such as myself. The schooling system has also failed many students. I know it has failed me, which was why I could not remain in public school. I mean, it becomes a serious problem when you are in 7th grade, but you are still learning preschool leveled education.

Yes, I have read an article which said even though they do surpass us with education, their schools still require some assistance. Yes, that may be true, but there is really no comparing the American and Asian educational level. With all of my research done on Japan, I was really impressed with their inventions, innovation and technology. I am aware of their economy not being the best now (even Taiwan with the toilet paper shortage!), but still, their technology has surpassed ours.

I guess that's all I wanted to share about my research....  

10 April, 2018

Relooking At Facebook and Zuckerberg

My family tuned in to watch the live testimony of the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress.

I got it during the time Feinstein questioned Zuckerberg about Facebook's election interferences, and yes, there were lots and I think Facebook and other social media had a huge role in influencing the election.

They wondered why Zuckerberg didn't ban Cambridge Analystica in 2015. Zuckerberg, his response was that Cambridge Analystica was not an advertiser for Facebook at the time.

Then I was interested very much in the discussion about managing hate speech. I feel Facebook has done poorly on this but mostly it's ability to protect user's private information. I always wondered why people thought of Mark Zuckerberg as such a great guy, especially after several lawsuits regarding the controversy of who actually founded Facebook. I read it during a few courses I took, and in a book from college. When my family had trouble with Facebook exploiting our information on the internet, no one was concerned about it. Now everyone wants to be concerned about the protection of Facebook user's information. Anyway yeah, it's uncertain if Zuckerberg actually came up with the idea of creating Facebook.

Senator Bill Nelson was questioning Zuckerberg about the use of collecting personal data or information on it's user's for ads. However, if users wished for an ad free experience, they would pay a fee, even though Zuckerberg said Facebook doesn't offer a paid version.

Facebook is not the only site that collects personal information for showing relevant ads. I never was comfortable with the fact so many companies online had personal information and data. They claim it gives people a more relevant experience with ads. People all the time says how other countries violates their citizens' privacy, but America has been violating our rights since 1980. CIA, FBI, law enforcement, the government and companies who owns these search engines also keeps our private information and monitors our activities.

I do have concerns due to the lack of privacy, freedom and because many times their computers which holds our data is breached all the time, by foreign countries and domestic breaches. I am also concerned with the monitoring especially that Trump tripled it, as a writer. You know how us writers have to research things. Being a registered nurse, I know a lot about medical related things, but certain things I don't know I would like to research it for a book. I already noticed several censoring and blocking the user the freedom to search or view whatever they please to. Even certain searches the government warned that they would call, the NSA on the person regardless if the search is for a writer or just out of curiosity.

It was Facebook which raised suspicion in me and my family. Google and Facebook flagged me after sharing my personal information on my profile, like I was an illegal citizen. Some guy at work asked if I would return to Facebook because it was good for business and also writers, but I'm not interested after this scandal. I am aware your information is not secure on social media as some guy told me online, but there should be better ways to secure and protect its user's information and data, also, I didn't appreciate almost getting deported to Afghanistan.

So Zuckerberg was asked about why Facebook's policies doesn't disclose that their data might be used. Zuckerberg claimed a user has the right to control who sees their posts, and I do agree it isn't the same as data collection. I think the reason Zuckerberg wanted to choose specifically the ability to pay in order to have an ad free experience, like many companies, their desire to make users pay more money. I guess the investor's are worried about the money they used to invest into Facebook.

I know from many years of bad experience that Facebook wasn't good to invest in, wasn't good for children or those concerned for their child's safety online, wasn't good for any professional like my family who is always in search of greater ways to market our corporate brand, and it wasn't good for anyone else.

So if you're interested in reading my Facebook review and experience, please view these:

My Ideal Female Character

I find most female characters annoying. They have been a reason I stopped watching TV shows, movies or playing video games.

There are only three women who have inspired me when it comes to developing female characters. They are Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich and my mother. No other women, because to me, this is my idea of a truly strong woman. I always look back at these three when creating character profiles or writing the actual project. I don't copy them, but I just take inspiration from the strong roles they have. 

My mother is the strongest woman I know in the world. She has always taught me to be independent, have self dignity and to never be weak. My mother has everyone around us afraid of her, due to her intrepid attitude to fight anyone head on. I have even seen my mother physically beat down tough, muscle bound guys several times. However, being strong is not solely about being psychically strong, but emotionally and mentally strong. My mother is just that. 

I also see the roles that Angelina Jolie and Milla Jovovich plays also have these traits. It shows you can be beautiful, but deadly, strong and tough at the same time. I recently though have to also mention a female character I really like as well. From the Divergent series, Beatrice prior. I don't like Romance and stuff, but I made an exception for this series (films and books). I think this character is also a strong female character. 

When it comes to animation (since I write manga), my favourites were always from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I think almost every female character from these two series were strong. Unfortunately, there aren't many female characters in Anime/Manga that I find not annoying and weak. Well, perhaps I liked Revy from Black Lagoon. However, I believe manga writers should develop more stronger female characters, not annoying ones and who always have to flaunt their big boobs. Well, I do love Nami from One Piece. I find her entertaining. She can never do anything that is annoying to me. I also tend to like the female characters from the Pokemon series. Well, there's a few I have found to be annoying. My favourite main female character from Pokemon is- well, I'm torn between Dawn and Iris. I know so many people said they hated Iris from the Pokemon: Black and White series, but I actually liked her character. Also, even though she did not participate in the sport, I loved the character Madoka Amano from the Beyblade series. From the original Beyblade series, the second season, I really did not like Hilary's character. She is the epitome of an annoying character, but I think she was purposely developed as an annoying character, but it ruined the entire series.

So yes, in all of my projects, I am developing strong, non-annoying female characters.     

09 April, 2018

Old Drawings (Getting Back Into Drawing)

This is my old drawing of Madoka Amano from the Beyblade series. I have found lots of my old drawings like this. Back in I think 2013, I started practicing to draw Anime/Manga art. So I practiced by drawing existing characters to get the feel of the Japanese styled art. That was so I could draw my own Manga characters for reference.

I lost the patience to try and draw them for reference, but I have been able to sketch clothing. I gave up on trying to draw Anime, and went back to drawing sketches for my original Lolita styles. These sketches I will use for my living doll career. I sketch them and I (with my family's assistance) will start making the clothes based upon the sketches. I am currently trying to find my other sketchbooks to put them together.

I realized that I don't need to draw my characters. It's good enough if I have a character profile of each character, sharing their physical appearance along with personality, likes and dislikes. I learned Manga artists could base their character designs upon those profiles and upon reading a sample of their character in the actual Manga. Also, if you have some sort of idea of how you want your characters to look. 

So I'm not sure, but I may return to drawing...

07 April, 2018

Weird West and Western Genre

Weird West is a subgenre in the Western book genre. It is a book that takes place in the Western setting, but only it has fantasy, science fiction or horror themes in it. Mostly fantasy, fictional type stuff. The story Jonah Hex can be a good example of Weird West.

My love for Western films, TV shows, books and games interested me so much, that I started writing Western books back in- maybe 2007? They were too boring for me, so I turned them into Weird West books. However, I have considered writing plain Western books.

Yeah, most people don't know that I am a fan of the Old West culture and history. This song by Jason Lee Wilson called Big Gun has always inspired daydreaming of the Old West. I have studied the Old West for years, and so I like songs that can take you back to those days. Soon I would love to share my research and what I've learned since I write Weird West and Western books. 

03 April, 2018

Conducting Research for Historical Books

I've been reading articles and watching videos about tips on writing Historical Books and Historical Fiction. Even if the book is fictional, there is still lots of research that needs to be done.

I think writers who write in a Historical setting have more research to do. That's because you have to learn everything there is to know about that timeline you select. Like what was it like living during that time period in a specific location you chosen, and also what did they wear, eat, etiquette, speech patterns, wording, spelling and almost everything there is to know about it.

Since I have a project based upon the American Civil War, and the Old Western days, I have been gathering every book and video related to the Civil War and that timeline. Even if something is on television related to the topic, I sit down and watch it. I also read it's good to learn about the timeline and a little before your selected timeline. Therefore, I study a little bit about 1860's and 1850's as well. It's nice to learn about the timeline and events prior to that year. I also love movies based in the time I write about. Although it may not be all the way accurate, still, there is the chance of having a visual idea of how it looked during those times. The movie that every Civil War researcher has suggested to me for research was Glory. I agree it's good to watch for Civil War research.

I also learned from years of learning how to write Historical Books, is that writers should always look for multiple sources to get their information. Don't just base your research on one source. I learned that the source may not always be correct, and so it is best to check what the book, website, article or video is saying. If more than one source is saying the same thing, I usually know it's correct. I question the information where I cannot confirm it anywhere else but that single source.

And so when it comes to Historical Books, I try to know everything there is to know about the timeline I selected. 

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