26 April, 2018

Commercial Ads

I read a post about commercials by Patti O'Shea, an author of Paranormal Action/Adventure Romance. Her blog is one of my favourites to read. Now I read this post: Day-O For The Win

I always discuss the new commercials with my mother since she is into business. While my family are also huge fans of funny commercials, most commercials I feel they do not actually get their message across or make it clear. Because of this, I think the scripts for the commercials should be thought of a bit better. I learned how this works. Actually, the marketing department of these companies in their business meetings, they present their ways to market their message to the people in charge. What's interesting is that they have to give the green light for these commercials. Most of them today, I find irrelevant to the product they are selling or their message. I always ask, what does that have to do with that? Nothing.

Since I am a script writer, I have given the thought I could write commercial scripts as well.

I do agree with Patti, I love this commercial....

Yes, just like the post said, although humorous, and one of my favourites, it does show how in America, retirement is fading. Seniors today are forced to go out and work. However, I shared it in my post because this is one of my favourite commercials.

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