03 April, 2018

Conducting Research for Historical Books

I've been reading articles and watching videos about tips on writing Historical Books and Historical Fiction. Even if the book is fictional, there is still lots of research that needs to be done.

I think writers who write in a Historical setting have more research to do. That's because you have to learn everything there is to know about that timeline you select. Like what was it like living during that time period in a specific location you chosen, and also what did they wear, eat, etiquette, speech patterns, wording, spelling and almost everything there is to know about it.

Since I have a project based upon the American Civil War, and the Old Western days, I have been gathering every book and video related to the Civil War and that timeline. Even if something is on television related to the topic, I sit down and watch it. I also read it's good to learn about the timeline and a little before your selected timeline. Therefore, I study a little bit about 1860's and 1850's as well. It's nice to learn about the timeline and events prior to that year. I also love movies based in the time I write about. Although it may not be all the way accurate, still, there is the chance of having a visual idea of how it looked during those times. The movie that every Civil War researcher has suggested to me for research was Glory. I agree it's good to watch for Civil War research.

I also learned from years of learning how to write Historical Books, is that writers should always look for multiple sources to get their information. Don't just base your research on one source. I learned that the source may not always be correct, and so it is best to check what the book, website, article or video is saying. If more than one source is saying the same thing, I usually know it's correct. I question the information where I cannot confirm it anywhere else but that single source.

And so when it comes to Historical Books, I try to know everything there is to know about the timeline I selected. 

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