24 April, 2018

Considered Writing For Marvel Studios

So, I plan to become more organized with my blog posts. I am doing schedules, but I will not make any promises that I can stay on the schedule. On Tuesdays, I would like to discuss only about manga related writing for those who are more interested in my graphic novel WIPs.

Since comics fall into the graphic novel category, I would like to share my interest in someday writing for Marvel Studios. I guess because I am a huge fan of Stan Lee. I was offered a job there, but I am unsure still because I am having difficulties writing graphic novels in the Western style. Since I spent years studying the Japanese manga style, I have learned how to imitate this style. Unfortunately now, I can't seem to get out of the habit in writing comics in this style.

So I will consider it because I do write about superheroes as well. I wasn't really interested in superheroes until honestly I started playing superhero themed games. Before my interest was official though, I was already writing a book based upon superheroes. I can only be a writer for comics because I can't draw especially digitally.

My schedule, although not guaranteed will look something like this... Now, since I do write for different stuff, I will post about each. I can't manage more than 3 blogs, so I will post here, but just organize things. It may or may not be daily, but I will post related topics about...

  • Books
  • Manga
  • Games, Narrative Designing
  • Scripts, Films, Commercials, Screenplays
  • Business, E-Commerce, Store etc.
  • Living Doll Career, Artist Stuff, Fashion Designing
  • Music, Inspiration, Quotes, Languages

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