11 April, 2018

East Asia's Education and Technology Surpassing Us All

I know that I said I wanted my posts to be more relevant to writing, but I remember recently viewing a program, which talked about how the United States (well some Americans) were worried that America will be left behind when it comes to education and technology. China, Japan and other East Asian countries are already at the top when it comes to these things. It stated by 2020 or 2024, these countries will eventually surpass everyone (including other countries). I was thinking, wow. No wonder. China, Japan and other countries are one of the most hard working people in the world. They are also overachievers.

You know, America was set back during the 2008 recession. However, not just the recession. I'm not sure if anyone remembers the scandal of Madoff? Bernard Madoff? The investment scandal which nearly bankrupted the entire country. I think it's because of people like this guy who keeps setting America back (Not to mention Wells Fargo and others).

Unfortunately, you have the new administration in the White House who doesn't believe in technology and innovation. Many of America's programs to give us innovation is being defunded significantly.

Even trade is being damaged to the point where companies like General Mills (Cheerios) have to downsize, cut products and improvise due to the huge tariffs you get when collaborating with different countries to make products. You can call it inflation (making products smaller and raising prices), but tariffs are a big problem.

I have also been carefully watching the stock market, and I'm a little concerned what it means for the economy. Down 700, 900, 1,000 (It's now 20)? I read how it was at a historic low. Everyone is pulling their investments and stocks from the United States. I also never heard of the United States ever being sanctioned before, but I think twice we've been sanctioned since the new presidency.

I think it's not good when a country excludes people, including its own citizens. Even my family have been victims of being excluded. If you were born and raised, or raised, or either have legal citizenship, it does make you American. Everyone else doesn't see it that way however here in America. They base their judgement solely upon ancestry, race and religion. That is why, yes, when I watched Morgan Freeman's series, forgot the name of it though, well, I do agree that we should sit down and discuss this. We should resolve this issue. I would love to make another post as to why I believe this is an important topic.

I believe Japan and the other East Asian countries have already surpassed us, I know definitely with education. It becomes a problem when it's out of the ordinary when younger people get a high education, and they get a head start on things such as myself. The schooling system has also failed many students. I know it has failed me, which was why I could not remain in public school. I mean, it becomes a serious problem when you are in 7th grade, but you are still learning preschool leveled education.

Yes, I have read an article which said even though they do surpass us with education, their schools still require some assistance. Yes, that may be true, but there is really no comparing the American and Asian educational level. With all of my research done on Japan, I was really impressed with their inventions, innovation and technology. I am aware of their economy not being the best now (even Taiwan with the toilet paper shortage!), but still, their technology has surpassed ours.

I guess that's all I wanted to share about my research....  

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