14 April, 2018

Getting Back Into Photography

Awhile ago, I use to take pictures of almost everything. I am a photographer, but I haven't been taking photos recently.

What started my halt in photography was when all of my best pictures were deleted off a laptop. When the laptop wanted to no longer work, unfortunately, all of my photographs I worked hard to capture perfectly was erased. They all were erased! This angered me so much that I stopped taking pictures. I say I am a photographer, but it's like I have nothing to show for it. I mean, my best photographs. I even stopped pursuing a career as a photographer and quit as one too. When I take pictures now, I am not as passionate about it, nor am I concerned about taking a perfect picture.

Well, to make things worse is that I deactivated my Facebook account, and I just remembered I created my Flickr account with Facebook! Before I took my photos off that site, I deleted my account.

Recently, I was repeatedly encouraged to get back into photography. I mean, I should since I have 3 cameras that cost thousands of dollars, plus all of those classes on photography I took. I know I should not make my money wasted. So, I may get back into photography and if I do, I will share my photos. If they are worthy of sharing.

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