• Posted by : Tikaani Moon 16 April, 2018

    I really enjoy reading blogs and material/projects humans give me to read. I love reading, and sometimes I take a break from reading about wars, history, economics, science and other stuff. Yeah, even though I love Science Fiction and Fantasy, and also I write it too, I actually read Non-Fiction Historical books. Also I find myself reading Business books and Educational books.

    Yeah, I am aware that most of the author blogs I read are Romance Authors, and I dislike Romance (I especially dislike Erotica stuff). So that's a hint that I will NEVER write Romance or Erotica books. So unfortunately, most likely, I will not read any of their books. Although, I have read the Twilight series, even though I disliked the series. As a writer, I just wanted to see what was all the hype about these books. When I was reading it, I didn't pay too much attention to the characters or anything, but I focused on the pacing, wording and other stuff.

    It's just that I prefer blogs that are updated regularly, or even daily, and the Author blogs similar to the genres I read and write rarely maintains their blogs. Most haven't posted in like 5 years. Most of these blogs I read share about general writing or the author's lifestyle. I find myself enjoying personal, writing, business and art blogs. I also love travel blogs or blogs about different cultures.

    I know some wonder if I actually read the stuff they send me, and my answer is yes, I actually do read it. I just forget to tell the person I did read the stuff they wanted me to read. You know, like if others ask me to read their books, poems or whatever it is. 

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