27 April, 2018

Going To Take Some Classes

I took classes already for Manga Production and Faculty of Manga to become a mangaka writer. Mangaka, meaning a writer for Japanese manga. I read how hard it is to actually get into Japan's entertainment, especially their manga/anime. Not only do you have to know Japanese, but they wish for you to follow their manga/anime style. I do notice Japanese anime has a distinctive appearance. That's why I did extensive studying on Japanese manga to follow their guidelines for publishing in Japan.

Now I have been discussing with my family about how I've been wanting to take some more classes soon. I know I took so many classes and courses, but I wish to take more that will help in my career.

I would like to learn how to draw anime digitally and traditionally. I guess I need lots more art paper, pencils, erasers and Adobe Photoshop, as I heard is the best program to draw on. The thought that I had to depend so much on other artists to draw my art for my blogs can be vexatious. This is the main reason I will like to learn, but I feel perhaps I can do better with the help of a class to draw anime/manga. I also would like to improve on how I draw my fashion designs. I hope to be able to draw my own artwork for posts and blog designs. I am still not sure how I exactly want the design. That's why it took so much time trying to upgrade the blogs. I learned to how code, but drawing and designing digitally, not good at all.

I have decided to return to pursuing a photography career. To make it official, I will start taking more photography classes. I found a program at Southern New Hampshire University for a Bachelor's or Masters in commercial photography.

To enhance my writing skills even more, I have been considering taking a writing class. I took a few online courses, but I found a few workshops I was interested in. Also, do more perhaps science, history and to help develop my game ideas and console. For history, particularly in the American Civil War. I have already found a class that offers to teach about the Civil War. Like I've been doing all of these years, I wish to study the topics I write about to become knowledgeable on what I'm writing about.

Recently too, I was considering pursuing a career in modeling, but for Lolita and other dolly fashion, as well as historical clothing. I'm still not sure about this yet. I am looking around for programs or something to become an official model. That is after I complete my real life character transformation. I have been doing some brainstorming for my author brand and image. I aim to become a real life doll or character that perfectly suits my brand as a storyteller.

I however, have been strongly considering taking classes on the languages I needed to learn as well. I have also been interested in social media marketing courses I found.

I know these are a lot of classes, but it's nice to continue education. 

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