23 April, 2018

I Just Want To Sit For Hours And Write, But...

I can sit at a computer for 12 hours straight writing (if given the time). Determination to finally be a published writer, it can drive me to work longer.

After being trained as a nurse, I later was informed how I shouldn't sit for long periods of times, especially doing this everyday. Actually, our bodies are not designed to be immobile for more than 2 hours. This is the main reason immobile patients have to be rotated or moved every 2 hours. If not, we risk developing blood clots in our bodies, which makes it hard to breathe. Also blood cannot pump to our heart. It can be fatal as well. Our blood can actually become more coagulated for a lack of movement for a long time. This is most likely if you continue this habit at a constant level.

I knew 2 people who died because of blood clots. One was my step-grandma's brother, the other was my friend who died at the age of 16. Yes, her obesity contributed to her inactivity during summer break, which caused massive blood clots in her entire body. She basically suffocated to death. I will make a post about her soon. However yes, for the entire summer she was immobile. My mother said going to summer school actually would have helped her. My step-grandma's brother was not obese. So it's not just for overweight people.

Anyway, because of this, my mother reminds me to take breaks from writing. Not much is required. You can just stand up and walk around a bit, or you can also do light exercises to stretch your legs. You can do anything that will keep healthy blood flow to your legs, then you can sit back down.

I also learned if you feel a numbness and like little needles anywhere in your body, most often feet, legs, hands and arms, this is a sign of poor blood circulation in that particular area. You have to reposition your numbed body part until the feeling returns. I learned you should actually stand or try to walk around if your entire lower extremities (everything below the waist) feels numb with the needles.

So what I learned as a nurse can be helpful for writers, but not only writers. It's just writers may have this habit of constantly sitting down, especially in one position for hours on end. I learned this applies to everyone who has the ability to sit down. You could be sitting down reading a book, playing a video game, drawing or you can be simply watching television, this applies to all humans.

The same applies with lying down. People should not lay in one position for more than 2 hours. You don't really have to get up, although it would be ideal to stand up and walk around briefly, you can simply change positions in how you are lying down. 

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