10 April, 2018

My Ideal Female Character

I find most female characters annoying. They have been a reason I stopped watching TV shows, movies or playing video games.

There are only three women who have inspired me when it comes to developing female characters. They are Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich and my mother. No other women, because to me, this is my idea of a truly strong woman. I always look back at these three when creating character profiles or writing the actual project. I don't copy them, but I just take inspiration from the strong roles they have. 

My mother is the strongest woman I know in the world. She has always taught me to be independent, have self dignity and to never be weak. My mother has everyone around us afraid of her, due to her intrepid attitude to fight anyone head on. I have even seen my mother physically beat down tough, muscle bound guys several times. However, being strong is not solely about being psychically strong, but emotionally and mentally strong. My mother is just that. 

I also see the roles that Angelina Jolie and Milla Jovovich plays also have these traits. It shows you can be beautiful, but deadly, strong and tough at the same time. I recently though have to also mention a female character I really like as well. From the Divergent series, Beatrice prior. I don't like Romance and stuff, but I made an exception for this series (films and books). I think this character is also a strong female character. 

When it comes to animation (since I write manga), my favourites were always from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I think almost every female character from these two series were strong. Unfortunately, there aren't many female characters in Anime/Manga that I find not annoying and weak. Well, perhaps I liked Revy from Black Lagoon. However, I believe manga writers should develop more stronger female characters, not annoying ones and who always have to flaunt their big boobs. Well, I do love Nami from One Piece. I find her entertaining. She can never do anything that is annoying to me. I also tend to like the female characters from the Pokemon series. Well, there's a few I have found to be annoying. My favourite main female character from Pokemon is- well, I'm torn between Dawn and Iris. I know so many people said they hated Iris from the Pokemon: Black and White series, but I actually liked her character. Also, even though she did not participate in the sport, I loved the character Madoka Amano from the Beyblade series. From the original Beyblade series, the second season, I really did not like Hilary's character. She is the epitome of an annoying character, but I think she was purposely developed as an annoying character, but it ruined the entire series.

So yes, in all of my projects, I am developing strong, non-annoying female characters.     

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