10 April, 2018

Relooking At Facebook and Zuckerberg

My family tuned in to watch the live testimony of the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress.

I got it during the time Feinstein questioned Zuckerberg about Facebook's election interferences, and yes, there were lots and I think Facebook and other social media had a huge role in influencing the election.

They wondered why Zuckerberg didn't ban Cambridge Analystica in 2015. Zuckerberg, his response was that Cambridge Analystica was not an advertiser for Facebook at the time.

Then I was interested very much in the discussion about managing hate speech. I feel Facebook has done poorly on this but mostly it's ability to protect user's private information. I always wondered why people thought of Mark Zuckerberg as such a great guy, especially after several lawsuits regarding the controversy of who actually founded Facebook. I read it during a few courses I took, and in a book from college. When my family had trouble with Facebook exploiting our information on the internet, no one was concerned about it. Now everyone wants to be concerned about the protection of Facebook user's information. Anyway yeah, it's uncertain if Zuckerberg actually came up with the idea of creating Facebook.

Senator Bill Nelson was questioning Zuckerberg about the use of collecting personal data or information on it's user's for ads. However, if users wished for an ad free experience, they would pay a fee, even though Zuckerberg said Facebook doesn't offer a paid version.

Facebook is not the only site that collects personal information for showing relevant ads. I never was comfortable with the fact so many companies online had personal information and data. They claim it gives people a more relevant experience with ads. People all the time says how other countries violates their citizens' privacy, but America has been violating our rights since 1980. CIA, FBI, law enforcement, the government and companies who owns these search engines also keeps our private information and monitors our activities.

I do have concerns due to the lack of privacy, freedom and because many times their computers which holds our data is breached all the time, by foreign countries and domestic breaches. I am also concerned with the monitoring especially that Trump tripled it, as a writer. You know how us writers have to research things. Being a registered nurse, I know a lot about medical related things, but certain things I don't know I would like to research it for a book. I already noticed several censoring and blocking the user the freedom to search or view whatever they please to. Even certain searches the government warned that they would call, the NSA on the person regardless if the search is for a writer or just out of curiosity.

It was Facebook which raised suspicion in me and my family. Google and Facebook flagged me after sharing my personal information on my profile, like I was an illegal citizen. Some guy at work asked if I would return to Facebook because it was good for business and also writers, but I'm not interested after this scandal. I am aware your information is not secure on social media as some guy told me online, but there should be better ways to secure and protect its user's information and data, also, I didn't appreciate almost getting deported to Afghanistan.

So Zuckerberg was asked about why Facebook's policies doesn't disclose that their data might be used. Zuckerberg claimed a user has the right to control who sees their posts, and I do agree it isn't the same as data collection. I think the reason Zuckerberg wanted to choose specifically the ability to pay in order to have an ad free experience, like many companies, their desire to make users pay more money. I guess the investor's are worried about the money they used to invest into Facebook.

I know from many years of bad experience that Facebook wasn't good to invest in, wasn't good for children or those concerned for their child's safety online, wasn't good for any professional like my family who is always in search of greater ways to market our corporate brand, and it wasn't good for anyone else.

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