12 April, 2018

Shounen Manga Updates 1

Updates for the shounen manga planning to finish first. I have been building the world, developing the characters and everything else. Recently I have been working on character profiles. It is written for a reference for the manga artist, who I shall hire soon. I am interested in seeing how the characters will look, and how they will be designed. This manga is centered around a school, so I would also be interested in seeing how uniforms would be designed based upon references. Recently, I have been on the debate about how many female characters should be fighting characters. So far, two females have been developed, rest of the fighting characters are male. However, I find weak, damsel type girls (the wallflower type) very annoying (actually I do not like how most female characters are developed in all entertainment. I find them extremely annoying). I prefer to have them equally skilled (or useful for something) or have no female characters at all. 

I have also been experimenting with world building and settings.

Nothing in detail can be given out yet, however...

Genre(s): Action, adventure, fantasy, horror, paranormal, comedy, shounen

Themes, other notes: This series has little to no romance. There may be rare crushes, but that's pretty much it. Mainly it is centered around the plot, action and straightforward, none distracting themes. The story involves demons, monsters, military, tough muscle bound guys, creatures, talking animals, paranormal, supernatural and lots of weapons in use. I always liked Kemonomimi characters, so I have added a few. Actually Kemonomimi characters were added in both separate shounen series.  

Pages: Will be under 190 or 200

Additional notes: As addressed before, the series is centered around a school. It is a fictional world based from Japan and other places. Modern but with many traditional themes. Just trying to build something unique and interesting. Most importantly, a world to fit the characters, theme and plot. When information can be shared, I will give more detailed descriptions. I may even share character profiles.

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