15 April, 2018

Snow For April

This is what people in Minnesota wakes up to. On the news, my family heard it's the worst blizzard we had in years, and it made serious history. It's been snowing all day and we are expected to get even more snow. We were advised not to leave our homes if we don't have to, but some people still have jobs to go to.

Everything is closed, every store, restaurant, gas station, school and even church. Seriously, you cannot find anything open.

When trying to step outside to shovel the snow, we found out we couldn't even open the door. I know from the picture, it's hard to tell how tall the snow is, it's thigh high. Some areas it's even taller than that. We spent a few minutes trying to get out the door. I know we had to, because it's law that the mailman has a right not to deliver your mail if your walkway is not shoveled.

So all this morning, my family was shoveling the snow. The wind was really blowing, and I could see why the news told us it could be dangerous to inhale the air. You can't even see outside because the snow is blowing in the air. The wind is so strong, I've seen people getting blown down the street! I was thinking, oh gosh! Good thing that isn't me.

It's extremely cold here. I think I caught the flu. We past the wave where people were dying from the flu. So it's fine. Oh man, it's spring! I thought we would be enjoying the spring weather. Well, the best thing about this is no spiders! And no centipedes! Just the other week, I saw a spider in the house when the snow was melting. Now, I see no more spiders or centipedes.

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