13 April, 2018

The Purpose of Writing

During my break, I thought, as a writer starts their career of writing, the question can appear. What is their purpose of writing.

For me, I've always began writing from pure passion and the mere habit of writing itself. I always say I write because writing is my passion. I don't write for fame, fortune or for anything else. It can bring you joy for seeing something that you created and no one else. This is not just for writing but anything you can see your creation. Books, manga, films, music, art, anything else.

It's a way to express yourself freely, use creativity, research and to expand your imagination. You can capture thoughts, you can also capture moments and certain things about people or animals that were in your life, or who made an impact in your life. Writing is a mix of research and personal thoughts as well. I've never had any connection with any other human being, but still, certain things I observed was worth keeping.

It's a way you can look at the world in someone else's eyes, through your characters. You can travel to any place in the world, and beyond Earth. I love how you don't have to limit creativity in Fantasy or Fictional writing. You can also travel back in time. You are able to relive events and memories. Although previous years have gone, they can live again through a book, poem, song or anything else.

Words can be poetic. It's incredible how so many words can tell a story.

So, I say, I'm not looking to my left or my right when it comes to writing and eventually getting published. I look ahead not getting distracted by others as I walk on this journey to become an established writer.

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