21 April, 2018

Writing For a Trend or Passion?

When I first became serious about writing, I think all of my studying took over a bit too much. I have read books, articles, blogs written by editors, publishers, literary agents and published writers that advise aspiring writers to research what is trending. Then after that, write based upon the trends, what they feel will actually sell. Like if there is a trend on Vampire Romance, you should also write about that too.

After this research, I started to change my projects to fit what the experts recommend how you should write your book. I wasn't too satisfied with my work, and I think that's why I spent so much time rewriting stuff. Well half of the reason. My mother soon suggested that I shouldn't follow all of their advice.

I learned that I should write the book that I feel morally right about, and something that I can feel proud of. It feels more like a chore or an assignment than doing something you love if you are only following the trends. That or writing something that you're not passionate about or a topic or genre that you even hate. This is more like schoolwork. So, I started going back to constructing the projects how I prefer them. If you are writing or doing something you love, it doesn't feel like work and no one has to force you to do it. That's my preferred way. I prefer to write about something that I am interested in regardless if it's trending or not. I do believe trends come and go anyway.

Besides, why not be a trend starter yourself? If you are always writing about the same thing, we will never travel again with entertainment. No one is coming up with anything new, but they are recycling the same stuff. Was it not someone who wrote about these topics that actually started a trend themselves? I think yes.

Well, I'm not into trends or mainstream stuff. I do not follow anyone else but I like to go my own way with everything. I don't care if no one listens to that music or that music artists, if no one else plays that video game or if no one agrees with my fashion choice. If I like something, it doesn't matter if others like it or not.  

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