22 April, 2018

Writing Project About Life As A Living Doll

I just researched a bit about the Lolita fashion. I didn't read too much, but I did read about how it first appeared in the 80's. Wearing Lolita actually was a symbol of rebellion against basically mainstream society; to break free of the norm. I guess being tired of the society and usual fashion of Japan. Yeah obviously, it originated in Japan.

Anyway, I started a project about the real life as a living doll. It will actually be a manga. This series shares the daily lifestyle of a living doll, fashion and how people react to us as a living doll. The manga will share my personal experiences as being a living doll and dressing in Lolita everyday, or other kawaii fashion.

It can give humans a better understanding of being a living doll. This manga is not solely for people who transforms themselves into real life dolls, but for those who wears Lolita everyday. I wish to give people an understanding especially due to the misconception and misunderstanding of what is Lolita.

It really annoys me how people think what we do is a part of a fetish, which it is not. Also that Lolita promotes pedophilia and a weak, poor image on females. I didn't understand this until coming across a Japanese blog explaining why people misunderstand this fashion. Ever since that 1955 book by Vladimir Nabokov, people confuse the name Lolita and the Lolita concept with inappropriate fetishism. The blog said only Americans have this misunderstanding, but it's not fair to say when I have ran across many people outside of East Asia share this misunderstanding.

If you visit here, you'll understand how this book has given Japanese Lolita fashion a bad image, and why people misunderstand.

So I hope through my blogging and my new projects on living dolls and the fashion, I can clear a lot of this huge misconception.

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