08 May, 2018

A Bunch Of Random Thoughts

I didn't know how to title this because this is just a bunch of random musings, thoughts and updates. Hope they all make sense.

So first, yesterday I worked double on the job. Well, I do home health care services, I mean, that's the job title anyway. Wherever I am needed, I go to the patient's homes. You can't just sit around all day neither. I help also people who need assistance both medically and any other help they may need. You do a lot of stuff they can't do for themselves, that does include cleaning up their house and yard, among other things. Hand out medicine, make sure they are taking the right dose and other stuff like that. However, I do wish to share how my boss, which is an extraordinary doctor, he does own several different companies. Him and also another vice president or the president of Pro-health Care, a guy from Somalia I believe, he is ranked the 7th most paid and most successful business people in the country and in the world. I was thinking, wow! He owns a ton of companies, and even personally knows Barack Obama and the others in the White House. It's incredible, although my family also does personally knows the officials, but that's still amazing.

Today, I was given two great ideas. I was sleep, so I guess they were from dreams. I woke up out of my sleep and immediately wrote it down. Well, I did get another great idea for another new book, which is Horror. The other two ideas, one is for a Science Fiction book, the other is for a new project, which is a Horror, Science Fiction, Zombie book. This is the newest project I started. It makes me realize how dark, strange and mysterious my dreams and thoughts can be. I need someway to let these thoughts out, and writing is a perfect way for me. Not all of the dreams were and are dark however. Some can be whimsical and fun. Yet they are all very strange. So, I've been doing that today, when I was not doing home health assistance work.

I am still working on the CSS and HTML stuff I'm working on for the new blog designs. Designs, because I need four designed. The fourth one is for the company website, which is an e-commerce website and company. I am slowly getting the artwork I need since I can't draw digitally to save my life. You know, I attempted to yesterday or the day before on Photoshop, and I failed. They are too embarrassing to share. I will not give up. I am serious about drawing anime digitally.

So, yeah, awhile back, I did get training on that stuff, and I've been trying to brainstorm the design. I mean, since it is an author blog, and for Tikaani Moon, I want it different and fitting the theme. So yeah, that means dark, mysterious and with Wolves and the moon because the Wolf is my spirit animal, and I feel deeply connected to the Wolf. But lately, I've been distracted by helping other people code designs into their websites and blogs because they don't know how to code. I say, "Okay, you can just place it there and there." The person has no clue what I'm saying to them. So then, I tell them to just give me the design and their website or whatever it is and I can place it in for them. I realized I've been too busy doing that, that I forgot about my own blogs. So sorry, but I probably will have to stop coding for other people, in order to get my own stuff together. I am unsure where I am going with the design since there are so many ways to do it. I just read about CSS Grid and how CSS improved and gotten easier for people who build CSS and stuff like that. 

Another thing, I watched something random about Austria, which caused me to want to write something based in Austria, or either just a character. So far though, I don't have anything that would fit what I want. I can make it fit. Also, I thought about the times I've been wanting to visit Nova Scotia, Canada. That or just include it in my projects. I am not a writer who would only use their hometown. Well yeah, for my first project, I did use my own State, Minnesota, but it does start off in Canada. I like to include different States and countries.

Lastly, when I write, I know I did say I stopped listening to rock. Recently, I went back to my rock playlists after hearing the new Breaking Benjamin album. I really love this new album and the band, and now I returned to listening to rock when I write. But with caution now. I am now a little more aware of the issues of listening to rock. I still listen to international music, in fact, I listen to that more than I listen to any other music. Lately, I've been listening to Romanian pop, Jpop, Kpop and Russian pop. Most people don't know I like Russian music, because one time I told someone, their reaction was negative. Any music that is not in English is not positively viewed by people in America. Even when I tell people I like Jpop and Kpop, they don't favour that at all. I secretly listen to Russian pop, and have a secret playlist of all of my international music. Back to rock though, here is one song from the new album from Breaking Benjamin. How appropriate is the name of the song, huh? Feed the Wolf....

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