29 May, 2018

Becoming a Mangaka

I was reading more about being a manga writer in Japan. I remember awhile ago, I read this guy's post on how it's near impossible for outsiders to get into their entertainment. He wrote a manga and submitted to a manga publisher in Japan. They contacted him back to tell him they feel his manga does not fit the Japanese manga style. They told him to switch things in his story and promised if he changed it, they would accept it. However, he was not willing to change his manga story.

I have read another post which was from a person who was a manga artist. They were saying it's extremely hard, but not impossible to get hired as a manga artist in Japan. The reason is that they wish to maintain the Japanese style of manga/anime, which is very much different than all other animations. 

The other concern is a language barrier. It would be difficult to work in an environment where people have poor communication. 

An article shared how manga writers are required to stay in Japan at least for the process of getting projects done. It also advised to keep your day job because manga writers in Japan are only paid once a month. Perhaps they'll change that? Not sure. This is why you can't depend solely on your salary as a manga writer. It would be best for someone like me, who is not really writing for the money. 

Awhile ago, I spoke with a manga writer who shared how he felt it's difficult to get into the Japanese manga industry. The Japanese studios are for serious manga writers. Well, I am serious and I made sure to let everyone know that I'm serious about being a professional manga writer. I have learned how to duplicate their work exactly as they wish. Also, I'm willing to change anything in my manga to follow their guidelines.

Another Note: I was repeatedly asked to write other people's manga scripts since I plan to work in Japan as a manga writer, and one guy thought I was Japanese. No, not Japanese, although since I don't know all of my ancestry and family, I am unsure about that really. Anyway, I really cannot write anyone else's manga script. I have a ton of work to do with my own projects. Also, no more translating languages to English. I have been doing this. Most recent was a Russian document, and another was Japanese that needed to be translated to English. I did it, but I realize that took up most of my time. So please, no more translating request or manga script request. 

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