06 May, 2018

Blogging as an Aspiring Author

You know, back when I first started this blog, I wasn't going to actually blog until I was published. Then I read articles that suggested unpublished writers should also blog. It does help to build an audience before your book is available. It also helps build your author brand. I recently read Do Real Readers Read Unpublished Writer Blogs?, which puts a lot into perspective when blogging as an aspiring writer. I also have read an article on this very topic.

I also found something else which explains how difficult it is to blog as an unpublished author. I mean, more like an aspiring writer when you don't have anything available yet. The article mentioned how it's easier for published and established authors to actually blog. For aspiring authors, it is difficult to keep readers, have a following and keep an audience. I mean, I do agree people can get tired of waiting for you to have something available. They can tend to lose interest in waiting. It's also hard to get people interested in you if no one knows who you are. I mean, it's not like you're J.K. Rowling or something.

The difficulty doubles if you are like me, starting out as a teen writer. I just read a post about how teens and millennials who write, and I did agree that writers like us have a harder time. People often don't take young writers as seriously as they would much older writers. Only because we are young, they assume our work is not good, sloppy, less researched and educated, and is simply not to be taken seriously. I will write another post about young writers...

Some aspiring writers ask, what should they blog about? I too kind of ask this question. That's why my posts can be kind of random. I read advice, but still is unsure. The article even predicted us aspiring writers will eventually post about this very topic. I mean, it can be uncertain because you are not established enough to give out advice or any information that people suggest for blog posts. Most likely, we may attract more unpublished writers. People emphasized on how it's important to attract readers, not really other writers, but I don't think it's too bad to attract writers as well. I mean, if you are an aspiring writer, it can be good to get familiar and known by the writing community.

I do remember reading an article though that suggested blogging may not be a good way to market books, because we're most likely attracting writers again, not readers. Yeah, but for me, ever since I changed my author brand, I am kind of finding it difficult to actually attract people with the same interest in the topics I write about or that is relevant to me.

The person who wrote the article was even questioning, open to any ideas on how aspiring writers should blog. I got ideas to post what has inspired you for your projects, and other writing or project related topics. Also even personal daily life so others can get familiar with the author. I'm not the type to share personal stuff, being a quiet introvert. However, I have been trying to have some type of a realistic connection, I guess or whatever. You know, I think it's because of the criticism I get how people don't believe I'm a real writer and stuff. Not that I care, but I had to fill in some gaps after being anonymous. I actually miss being anonymous though, but you know, I can't do anything about that now. 

I hope soon us unpublished writers can improve our blogging....

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