15 May, 2018

Designing Updates

Giving updates for all designing projects. First, although I did get training on website building, CSS stuff, I wasn't sure on the blog design. I have been working to build the blog to make it more like a website, but every time I build the CSS, I restart again. I guess I've been doing too many experiments with how the blog could look. I'm a little bit lost with how I want the haunted house and the mixed race blog to look, but I'm currently working on that too. I collaborated with someone to see what they feel would make a more professional looking author blog.

I knew knowing website building would be an asset for my career in the corporate world. That's why I took the time to learn through colleges, online classes, articles and videos. I think I put more focus on building the company website than the blog. About the company, it is a new online store. We will sell items on eBay, Etsy and our own website. We will sell jewelry, clothing, pet products, and also gourmet food. We are collaborating with others for an easier way to get foods from different cultures and countries.

While I help work on that, I wanted to start a non-profit organization, in which I will further share in a random post. I was told I would need a website for this as well. So I am doing all of the required steps to start my organization. It's a bit tricky to do so, but I am determined to finish what I started. Plus, this is for a good cause. This organization is for Native American culture awareness. I am looking at people who'd be interested in investing in the organization. This isn't the only organization I'm working on however.

I recently read about now building CSS has gotten easier because you don't have to multiply, do math. I was trained to be an accountant, so I probably could have did the math, but this makes it easier. Well, when you are hired as an accountant, the computers does most of the work anyway. If the company is not old fashion, there is a program in the computer to help accountants. You just have to know how to use the program.

Designing updates are for all designing projects. So I have also been trying to get inspiration to design original Lolita fashion. Going over my sketches, I realized they fit under the Lolita category. Me loving lace and ruffles, you know all of my designs must include lots of lace, bows and ruffles. Also layers.

What do I plan on doing with those clothing designs? Well, I am using them for my career as a real life doll. I design them, then I will make the outfits.

For game developments, unfortunately I cannot actually design games because I can't draw online. I have been trying to practice, but it seems hopeless for me to draw digitally. I draw like a 2 year old. My failed attempt to draw the old Pokemon:

I had this picture redrawn, and here it is:

This is my vision, and where I was trying to go with this art. So yeah, I should stick to traditional art. I will repost this photo for another post.

So, I have stuck with my strength, and that is writing. I am training to become a professional game writer and narrative designer, the person hired onto a game developing team to do all of the writing aspects of game creation. I have a bit more strengths since I also create game ideas, and entire games. I will take my game scripts and concept to a professional company, in which I have already found some. Because I am a game writer and game creator, I like that I will have a little more say so over the actual game development. Being hired as a narrative designer, you don't really have this, since you are hired by the game creator to write the game script.

So I will give more updates on my projects soon. 

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