01 May, 2018

I May Share Proof Of Citizenship If Things Are Not Resolved...

Apparently, I am still flagged as a person who may not be a legal American citizen. I wasn't going to post until Wednesday for The Insecure Writers Support Group, but I feel this was a bit urgent to discuss. Today, well, just now, I found out after being asked of my race and nationality on Instagram, this site has also flagged me for some reason just like Google and Facebook has. I am not sure why my mother and I are being targeted and harassed like this.

I found out Instagram thought I was from Russia, but lied about being American. It all started when I answered the question and said I was American and I live in America. This is such BULL! I am American. In fact, I was born and raised in America! I do fear of getting sent to a country I know nothing about, especially Russia or the Middle East! But Instagram, those jerks assumed falsely I created a fake account from Russia. I think something like what's been in the news; those fake accounts created for political reasons. I'm not sure how someone can say I behave more like someone from Russia. Don't I not behave like an American? Well according to most people, I don't behave like an American, but more like a foreigner.

That sounds stupid because these sites collects our information and they located my IP address and pin pointed where I am exactly. So why do they wish to have me deported so badly?!

So yeah, like what the title says, I may soon upload some proof I was born and raised in America. I will perhaps share my birth certificate and my passport. I DON'T HAVE A VISA! I am not an immigrant. Very perfect timing for Instagram when America has one of the most scariest presidents ever. I actually don't even have a foreign name, not even a last name that is foreign. I mean, we are all foreign and don't actually belong in America except for the Native Americans. But I am saying what Americans consider foreign. My mother doesn't have a foreign name neither, but for some reason, they think her first name is foreign. It's unusual and most people have a hard time pronouncing it.

So okay, you want to know my real name? It's Connie Williams, but I won't publish under my real name. It never did fit my theme nor the projects I write. As you can see, I'm not made up and I do have a real name. I dislike my real name, and I would appreciate it if no one called me by this name. To be honest, I wish I had a prettier sounding name. People everyday calls me Angel, by my nickname or the name I wish I had. So anyone online can also call me Angel if they'd like to, but just not by my real name. It's so annoying how people assume my real name is actually not my legal name. People always assume I have a foreign name, but I don't. How? Well, my mother was adopted, and so we adopted their family name and my step-grandma actually wanted to name me.

Again too, there goes the issue that I don't post pictures of my face on the internet. I have been uncomfortable because people has harassed me online. However yes, I will start uploading my pictures, but only when I complete my living doll look, not a moment sooner than that. My rights not to post pictures of myself is not being respected though. I have a valid concern for harassment on the internet. My concerns increase as I remember when I was harassed by people obviously preying upon teen girls, I alerted the sites I was on and reported them. Unfortunately, no one did anything to stop the harassment. When I tried blocking the users, I was actually barred from blocking the people, giving them the freedom to harass me as long as they liked. As soon as people find out my gender, that's when people harass me.

I am trying to flesh out my author brand to appear more real. I know the other issue is what I was saying in the previous post. Most people don't believe I am a writer because I say I write books, manga, games, scripts and other crap. I read tutorial books on author bios, and I am sharing my expertise or trying to reach my desired target audience, in which it can be broad due to my assorted range of upcoming entertainment. Also, how can a teenager become a registered nurse? How can I write all of those projects, especially over 40 at such a young age? How can I be learning all of those languages? How can I do all of this at my age? Having to constantly prove my maturity, authenticity and credibility is vexing. It is simply frustrating and annoying how people have to target me, and pick at every little detail about me. I am sharing with everyone who is interested, that I do have much to offer the entertainment industry.

I will discuss this with my family first. Then when I find good citizen proof, I will post it so I don't get in trouble with our government. There is no way Instagram is going to have me deported to Russia! Well, if we are able to resolve things with Instagram and others, I may not have to share it.

To make things clear to everyone, I am an American citizen. I live legally in America, in a small town in Minnesota. I was born and raised in this country, no where else. In fact, I never travelled outside of the United States. So people don't have to get alarmed or concerned about this. So you don't have to call ICE on me. It would be unfair and cruel to deport me when this is the only country I know. I'm not really sure how and where they are basing their assumptions. The countries that sums up my actual ancestry would be extremely dangerous for me to go to.

It's upsetting and hurtful to be treated like an outsider. Like someone who does not belong in America. Obviously, I am no longer wanted in this country only because of my mother's adoptive background and my ancestry. 

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