09 May, 2018

May 9th Marks Victory Day In Russia

This is just something random I remember from 9 years of studying World War II. Something sparked my memory of this.

So, I will not make this long because I developed a very bad headache from working all night, but just something simple noting that today, it is celebrated as the day Nazi Germany surrendered against the Soviet Union, officially in 1945. The German Instrument Of Surrender had been signed in late of May 8th, but officially celebrated on the next day, May 9th. In Russia, they hold a Victory Day Parade, which you can watch online and follow online as well. I did for a class once, and it was very nice.

I remember watching a documentary about the Soviet Union vs. Nazi Germany. It was very interesting to watch how the Soviet Union was able to turn things around after Germany nearly wiped out half of their country. Despite it, they were able to get a victory. I took notes on the documentary for class.

In class I remember being asked about if I knew if one of my ancestors was involved in any way related to this, especially since it seems my mother came from an important family. I have to say, sadly, I don't know. I wish to look into this, and if I find anything, I will make sure to share it with everyone!

I'm alone on congratulating Russia today, because no one around me didn't know it even took place. Nor were they interested in knowing. 

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