18 May, 2018

Mo (The Spotlight Tales Book 1)

Yesterday, I purchased a book after meeting an author named Simon Pearce, an author from the U.K. Being the first English person I spoken to ever or met, let me say first that it was a privilege meeting him. He invited me to view the reviews and stuff.

I began reading the reviews as he asked. I'm glad I did to get a little more about the main character and his parents. Mo is his name, but full name is Mohammad Adil Dhillon. Actually, I never read anything with a Muslim character before. So this is interesting being the first different main character, because I have only read books with European main characters. This let me realize how writers should use more other races.

I recently read the beginning, as this old man in his neighborhood is called Moth Man. I remember reading the part in school, where the English teacher shared the backstory of the Moth Man sightings and how the old man was named Moth Man.

I also read the part about Mo's parents, and how his father pressured him taking an exam. I just thought of how I always didn't like parents who did this to their children, and how I never liked parents who are like Mo's, because obviously here, there is a poor communication here between parent and child. I think parents shouldn't add stress and pressure to their children's lives.

From what I read of the description, Mo struggles with being enticed by terrorist rhetoric, which was influenced by how he is treated in school. This shares a problem that is not properly addressed. I know in every country, any person of a minority group deals with racial bullying. With young Muslims, you don't know how this would effect them.

So now I am reading the book, along with other books in any chance given.

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