05 May, 2018

My New Skirt Arrived!

This is my new kawaii skirt I purchased from Japan! It arrived today. I'm waiting on two more skirts to arrive, but I'm glad to know the store Kawaiibabe from Instagram is legit. However, I got mixed up with the sizes and got an xsmall. The skirt is in Asian sizes, so it's a lot smaller than U.S. sizes. I wasn't happy with how short the skirt is because I don't wear clothes that would make me look trashy. I was surprised I was able to fit an Asian xsmall! When I tried it on, it fitted better than I expected. I just dislike how much leg it shows. I'll wear pants or something underneath it. However, due to the confusing sizes, I'm unsure if I would order any more clothes from this store.

I mainly used Instagram for my shopping addiction. All day I ordered jewelry, clothes and other stuff. Also, I liked watching funny videos mostly from Saudi Arabia and Russia. But, mainly for buying stuff. In order for me to follow anyone on Instagram, they would have to be selling something.

I was greatly offended when they questioned me- you know what, just forget it. I learned my passport is what helped confirm my citizenship. Lucky me, huh? I just wonder if they know something I don't know about myself and my family? Worth looking into. Instagram removed the flag off my account, but I'm not interested in using Instagram anymore. Well, unless there is another store worth shopping on.

Anyway, I will like to share my other skirts I ordered as soon as they arrive. 

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