29 September, 2021

POV Preferences

This is an older draft I decided to post now. I said I read a post, POV -One of Many: What's Really the Best? I looked it up and found this. It's not necessarily giving out advice, but posting on what others think about POVs in writing. Then I began thinking about this recently. For a few years, I've experimented with different POVs, from both genders, to aliens, animals, and to demons. The question here is not really the best, but who is the favourite today. 

I used to have a preference, but I've grown to not have a particular preference. Well, it depends upon the story. I might like a male character over a female character, or a female over a male. This is all according to how the story is going. If a female character wouldn't be appropriate in a situation, and so a male would be best. For me, I prefer to pair main characters with the same gender like if they were teams or heroes going on adventures. I know this isn't the case for my Fantasy series, but I don't know if I like a male working with a female character. Like in one story which is a manga, I originally had a female POV, but how the story was going with the other male characters, it seemed more fitting for the male characters to interact with another male character. 

For books, I'd say I don't have a preference. I just select the most interesting character. When it comes to manga, my favourite POV would be the "Genki" archetype. This is an upbeat, energetic, positive character, what you'll find in many Shonen. I currently have about two separate series featuring these types. Of course, I've written manga with different POVs, but these are my favourites. These are typically male characters, where they cannot be broken easily. This is one of the reason Genki characters are my favourites. They are just full of youthful energy, and have a passion for following their dreams. 

That wasn't an actual preference, but more so a favourite. 

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